Friday, June 19, 2015

82nd Jump and Airshow

A month or so ago Mike and his dad took the boys and Holden's friend Daniel to the All American Week Airborne demonstration.  (Just FYI Nora did have the option to go, but she didn't want to miss school and playing with her friends)!  There was a big jump with over 1000 paratroopers jumping out of C17's,  simulations of dropping bombs on targets and lots of military aircraft/equipment that they could see up close and even climb on.  Basically it was heaven for boys! 

On a serious note and because this blog is titled "Once Upon an Army Wife" i'm gonna keep it real. This was also the same week that our world at home really started changing.  The packers hadn't come yet but we had started pulling everything off the walls and making piles all over the house.  The reality of our move really started to sink in and it was obviously affecting Holden.  We thought he'd have a great time at this event and maybe even get his mind off of everything happening at home, but what really happened was captured in a series of pictures below. 

The loud noises of the simulations really upset Holden and things went downhill from there... Both Davis and Daniel were very patient and concerned with Holden--can't ask for a better brother or a better friend. 

This picture is so sweet and breaks my heart all at the same time.  I can tell just from the stance of Holden's body and the way he is holding his hands at his side that he is crying. I just love the way that Daniel is trying to comfort him and it speaks volumes of the sweetness of their friendship. 

things did get a bit better though, especially when it was time to see these helicopters up close! 


Even with the hiccups, i think they all had a really great day and it looks like they even tired out of little Davis! 

or maybe Davis tired out Papaw! 

before returning home they stopped to have lunch at Five Guys! mmm good! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hi From Iowa

So most of you i'm sure have gathered already from other sources that we are in Iowa now.  It's truly been a LONG month and I've got lots and lots of catching up to do.  I also have unpacking/organizing and project list a mile long, a to do list even longer to get our family established and settled in this new place plus just the normal taking care of my family.  So be patient with me :) and keep checking back, i'll get to it all eventually :)