Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sequence Saturday

The twins had a vacation with my parents while i was in Savannah.  We got back late one night so we didn't all see each other until the next morning.  The kids were so cute reuniting after a week apart...i think they missed each other! 

my three babies

 playing cars together?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tybee Island

While in Savannah we also visited Tybee Island. It's obviously a popular beach town and it was really crowded, but i liked it. We actually had the best day.  Both the boys were in great moods.  I had so much fun just playing around in the water and sand with my baby boy. He just LOVED the water.  And if i may say so myself, he was pretty darn cute on this day. 

 D is always carrying toys around in his mouth, so he can still have his hands free...i love it

We ate lunch at The Crab was pretty great.  Seemed to be a popular place that everyone goes to, but really the food was good.  Not to mention there was a trash can, a basket of crackers and a big roll of paper towels at every table...PERFECT for kids. 
Yummy Deviled Crab Sandwich and Crab Soup
Ollie liked the lights above us
and Little D liked the corn
Before going home we went to see the was seriously hot, but we decided to walk up the lighthouse anyway.  

 What a full day will do to Little People

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jekyll Island

We were lucky to have pretty fabulous weather while in Savannah--it was hot, but also sunny--perfect weather for the beach.  I was surprised at how close Savannah was to so many popular beach spots.  We visited 3 different beaches on our trip but Jekyll Island was my favorite.  

Ollie was ready for the beach in his cute fedora. 

 Jekyll Island
We visited Driftwood Beach first.  It's basically a beach full of dead trees and rocks.  Although not somewhere to actually swim, it made for a cool spot to explore and take pictures. 

Jekyll also has a cool historic portion of the island, although Davis and I didn't get to see much of that. Davis was pretty fussy that morning and needed a nap, so i circled the island about 4 times so he could nap and the Cowan's walked around the town of Jekyll, checking out the hotel club and shops.  

That afternoon Davis was much happier and we had a great time at the water. I loved the huge beach and all the tide pools.  It was the perfect beach for a little guy--lots of space and shallow water to crawl in. 

On the way home we had 2 sleeping babies and 1 sleeping husband--so Sarah and I took a little detour to drive over the St. Simon bridge--i think next visit we'll have to visit that island. 

Monday, August 26, 2013


Visiting a new city with 2 littles always needing to eat and sleep isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but we made little trips in and out of downtown for 3 different days to do what we wanted to do.  (which was really just a lot of good eatin' haha)

On the first day we went to River Street...just a bunch of touristy shops for sure--but it was nice to get all the shopping out of the way so the rest of the time we could just hang out and have fun.  The shops on the river reminded me a lot of Wilmington NC.  
Ollie wanted to push the stroller...and as you can see the babies got booted to make room from all our bags. 
We ate at this cute little pub, Green Truck.  They serve mainly organic and locally grown food.  Davis and I shared the best peach and basil quesadillas.

I was very impressed with the cool trees all over Savannah.  A very sweet sight after the sea of pine trees I live in every day. 
On my last day in Savannah, we went to see the famous Forsyth Park.  It was SO SO SO HOT.  I wanted to just walk around completely naked, and we had literally stripped the babies down to diapers by the end of it.  I was in complete shock seeing all the SCAD students walking around the same park in black tights, dark clothes and layers upon before comfort i guess. 
Hot babies, tired of being in the stroller. 

A lot of the squares around Savannah have splash parks...and it's a good thing...we all got in to cool off ;)

One night we snuck away, leaving our kiddos under the care of Daddy/Uncle Chris.  We had reservations to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  We were a little curious as to what the atmosphere would be like in light of the recent drama with Paula Dean, however the restaurant was full--staff seemed happy and people of all races were eating and working there.  We were shocked to see it was so casual there and most everyone ate from a buffet full of classic southern dishes.  However Sarah and I ordered from the menu and had a wonderful meal--cornbread, seafood dip, yummy drinks, steaks with bourbon sauce and yummy garlic mashed potatoes.   It was more food than we could possibly eat at one time.  mmm mmm good!

On the way to the restaurant we stopped at Johnson Square (the first square built in Savannah) for a picture

Another yummy place we ate was Blowin' Smoke, a bbq joint.  It was a super cool joint with great food. My guess is the place is packed and rockin' at night.  Sarah and I both said we'd like to go back sometime and check it out without the kids!
Davis and I shared BBQ brisket, fried Mac N Cheese, Black Beans and Corn Salsa. Being the garbage disposal Davis can be, he also finished off Ollie's quesadilla and fried plantains.  I was honestly astounded at the amount of food he put down this day!
Fun Patio Painting
We also stopped in at this cute bakery--they are famous for old fashioned recipes and we were not disappointed.  Not to mention the shop and decor were so cute!

Davis and I had homemade banana pudding and it was delicious!

check out the cool marshmallow chandelier 

Lots of long hot days out being a tourist with short naps in the car create very colorful meltdowns an hour before bedtime...
and the caused me to break my number one rule of "no caffeine" after lunch time

even with the late afternoon meltdowns...the food, fun city and great time with a great friend was well worth it!