Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo Fest

Friday, after our day at Dole Plantation, we stopped by Boo Fest on Schofield Barracks. We entered a costume contest...if you ask me it wasn't very organized and it must have been rigged, because we didn't win. I mean can you imagine anything cuter than these two pumpkins? I didn't think so. :) I'd like to say thanks to my mom, Nana, for making these cute costumes! We've gotten so many comments on them!
We ran into some friends while there, Connor and his new baby sister Amelia...or should i say Obi Won Konobe and Princess Leia
check out this sweetie upclose!
Nora with her treat bag from Grandma and Grandpa Caudle
Auntie Jenn dressed up too!
we also ran into the DeSilva's as a s' cute!
Check back later for more Halloween's been a full weekend!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sneak Peak

11 Months Old

This is a busy weekend, with Halloween too, so we had to readjust our schedules a bit. We celebrated the twins 11 month bday Friday, and we are celebrating Halloween on Saturday, and then doing our usual church events on Sunday.

SO, for their 11 months birthday surprise we took the babies to ride the train at the Dole Plantation. We had a great day and they did really well. They also had their first taste of ice cream was none other than Dole Whip Pineapple Ice Cream...and they loved it! So much that the both actually got mad and cried when we took it away. Granted they needed a nap, but still it may have scared me away from giving them ice cream again for a while. I'm not a big fan of public hissy fits!

Ready for their fun day!

eating hawaiian sweet bread and loving it

what? did we get something on our clothes?

Mommy said this is where the pineapples grow...but this sure doesn't taste like one!

getting ready to make a run for it!

smile? what's that?
yeah, this didn't go so well
on the train

rebels...everyone was supposed to stay seated!
Dole Whip with strawberry and coconut...yum!
trying ice cream for the first time
hmm...this is tart--but great!
On the Pineapple Express, What a fun day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Girl

She finally figured it out! and as i write, she is currently in her crib jumping up and down and Holden is watching her desperately trying to do it too...They're so funny, i can just watch the monitor like its tv!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

because there aren't enough pics of them already

i can hardly stand the cuteness....if i may say so myself!

Movie Monday

just a little silliness with spoons, bows and head bobbin'

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrill the World

It was a good Saturday. We woke up, went to music class, had yummy pizza at Big Kahunas and then watched zombies come out of the ocean and dance to Thriller. Just another day in paradise, eh?

if you would like more info on Thrill the World you can google it...there is a whole website dedicated to trying to set world records of people dancing to Thriller. I believe I will have to learn this dance and participate next year. It seriously cracked me up. zombie with an umbrella...wouldn't want to get a sunburn

"mom, what are we doing here?"

with some zombies...i think these are some teachers/students from a local middle school
here's the video if you wanna see...remember to turn off the music so you can get the full effect!
i'm a lousy videographer...i was more interested in what was going on than what exactly i was taping.. sorry

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Problem Solving 101

both of them wanted to be close to me and be in the same Nora's problem solving solution was to sit on Holden...H wasn't too sure about it...of course we saved him, after the picture!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 1/2 Months

Our Mommy is so silly, she forgot to tell you about our 10 month progress, so we had to wait until she went to bed...climb out of our cribs, sneak downstairs and get on the computer so that ya'll would know what we've been up to...shoot, if we keep waiting on Mom we'll be 11 months before she does it. We've been doing a lot since our 9 month birthday. Let's start with the usual our favorite!

FOOD: We are nursing 3 times a day usually. Nora isn't very interested anymore, but she's so little Mom makes her do it. Holden still expects it--it's as much of a comfort as a meal. We also eat a LOT of big people food. Our favorite meal is breakfast, just like our Daddy. We would love for mom to make us banana pancakes everyday because we think they are just wonderful, but instead we get banana oatmeal every morning. We do really like this though. Mommy is always having to go to the store to buy us more because we like it so much. We have also started eating yogurt. Sometimes it hurts our stomachs, but we really really like it. We haven't found a flavor we don't like...MMM good!
We sometimes get a snack depending on how long we nap...for snack we love to eat puffs, yogurt bites and fruit.

For dinner we eat a variety of things...veggies, a starch, some source of protein and then fresh fruit for dessert. Some new things we've been eating lately are egg yolks, baked chicken, lentils, lasagna, chicken pot pie, white rice, green peas, corn, baby food ham and beef, pancakes, zucchini and summer squash purees, asparagus (grilled and pureed), leeks (pureed), yellow potatoes, acorn squash, potato salad, lomi lomi salmon, baked fish, guacamole, white/brown rice (although we prefer for a veggie puree to be mixed with our rice, its dry and sticky otherwise!), plums, and blackberries.

SLEEP: We sleep great. Really we should win an award. We are officially without our woombies at night, although we calm down and sleep better during our nap times with them. We actually slept until almost 8am a few times this month...Mom seemed to really like this. We told her not to get used to it though. Oh yeah, and Holden snores.

TALKING: We've really started talking lately, babbling is what Mommy calls it, but that's because she doesn't understand. We know exactly what we are saying. Nora like to say things very loud and in a high voice. Holden whispers his words a lot. Dadadadadada is our favorite thing to say. We like to say it back and forth to each other, it's very funny. Mommy tries to get us to say "momma" we can and one week we did it a lot just to show her we could, but usually when she says "momma" we say "dada" just to irritate her. hehe. Holden has gotten good at repeating sounds. After Mommy say something, many times he will imitate her as best he can. Mommy always gets really excited and claps...she's such a silly momma.

Here I am
~Princess Norabird Grayce Burns~

I have been very busy lately. I learned to army crawl about a month ago, and i am working really hard at getting my knees to move. Sometimes it's very frustrating and i get mad. I am slowly exploring the house on my own but i really don't like it when my Mommy or Auntie isn't in my sight. I also have learned to cruise the furniture. Walking and standing is just so much fun! I can pull up on most things from a sitting position, but i can not figure out how to do it from my tummy, this also frustrates me.

Mommy says I am very smart. Of course she is right. I started waving a week ago. I know to wave when people say Hello, Goodbye, and Aloha. I also know that if i wave at people when they look at me that they will be wrapped around my finger and do whatever i want them to. works for almost everyone. Mommy knows better. I guess that's where i got my smarts from. Sometimes when she tells me "no" i try and distract her with a smile and wave, but it doesn't work. Guess I'll have to save that for my Daddy.

I've been wearing Sposies (disposable diapers) for a while lately. I've had a recurring diaper rash for almost 2 months now. The only way mommy can seem to keep a handle on it is apply LOTS of rash cream. We first thought it was because of teething, but now Mommy said it may be related to something i am eating. We really don't know. I just know that i don't like it, except that sometimes Mommy lets me crawl around naked help air the sores and heal them. I do like that. It's so much easier to move around without clothes getting in my way!

Here are some of my favorite things: bath time, my paci, bouncing, standing/walking, Baby Einstein, lounging in my water floaty, singing, my cats, brother, reading my good-night book, being tickled and walks outside.

and here I am
~Handsome Holden Reece Burns~

this is my GQ face

and this is my candid happy boy face

I've been thinking that as long as i don't try and crawl my Mommy will always hold me and hug me and love on me--and that sounds like it would be the bestest life ever. Mommy tries to tell me that i need to be more independent, but I really like being with her so I just look up at her with my sad puppy dog eyes so she will feel sorry for me. I'm the master at being pitiful, no one around me can stand to hear me cry and that's the way I like it.

Mommy has been making me do tummy time again like i am 3 months old or something. She thought I forgot how to roll over, but that isn't it at all, I just DON'T WANT TO BE ON MY TUMMY. We've both been fighting about it for a while, but Mommy finally won. I gave in and quit crying. Lately I've been spinning in circles, scooting backwards and getting up on my knees. She cheers me on and i like that, so i guess it's worth it. I DO like standing though. I keep trying to walk but whenever I let go of something I fall down. I don't like to fall very much, although i'm getting better at it and don't always hit my head anymore--I'm really glad I have on my cloth diapers, the extra padding comes in handy.

One of my most favorite things besides hanging out with Mommy is music class. I love playing all the instruments and dancing, but my favorite part is the bouncy ball songs. I am the best ball passer in the room. My teacher thinks I am a ball rolling prodigy. She's probably right.

Some other things I really like are: being tickled, mommy throwing me in the air, my cats, my wooden blocks, kisses, swinging high, standing up, Baby Einstein, my jumparoo, being startled, singing, bath time and going on walks

Well guys that's all for now, we've gotta get back to our cribs before we get caught. Mommy will get back to you on our 1 YEAR update--- wow, we're so old!