Friday, August 22, 2008

Hawaii continued until 2012...

It is official--Mike and I will be on the island until 2012. This has been a topic we have played with since the beginning of the summer. As a Warrant Officer, we do get some say so as to where we are stationed--at least we get to request and pray that we get what we ask for. Since Mike has a very specific job we can't just go anywhere. When it is a year out from our PCS date, we look and see what duty stations are available and then request what we want. That in no way means we are guaranteed what we ask for. This is how we ended up in Hawaii to begin with. Before our wedding we requested Hawaii or Germany, and ended up here in the Islands. Now this time, our choices were as follows: Schofield Barracks, HI or Fort Polk, LA (which most people refer to as the armpit of the US) and sadly, that was it. Even though LA is closer to home--that really is the only good thing it had going for it. Not only do we have no desire to ever be stationed at Polk, it was speculated that Mike would deploy almost immediately upon moving there--giving us maybe 6 mos between deployments. Needless to say, we applied for Hawaii and kept our fingers crossed.

Mike is super excited--I have honestly had a lot more time here than he has and there is a lot he still wants to do. I have mixed feelings. Although we aren't moving, everyone close to us will be. It will be, in a way starting all over again--and for that i am nervous. I can't imagine being here without all the girls that have been my support the past 2 years--especially these past 9 months.

The good news is, if you haven't had a chance to come and visit, now you have 3.5 more years! So start saving and planning and come see us!

Also, just to keep you all in the know-- the tentative plan (all things subject to change with upcoming elections and without ever knowing what will happen in the future) Mike should deploy again with the same unit in 2011--for no longer than 12 mos this time-- and then upon his return we will be moving. We have been told that we can do no longer than 2 tours here--and quite honestly, i will be ready to leave--hopefully on to another exciting place. I mean, if we are going to endure the deployments, at least we can see the world on the Army's paycheck. There are still plenty of places we want to go!

Mike's shaka--
He says "hello"--he has been busy lately traveling around checking up on his ammo sites. Hopefully, he will have an update soon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun and Excitement

These past few weeks I have gotten to do many fun and exciting things that I would like to share.

1. Got to see the beach hut set for ABC's LOST. It is currently all wrapped up because they aren't filming and there was a guard right there to make sure no one got in, but it was still cool to see. The orange tarp is where the kitchen/community tent is.

2. Hang out with some awesome sea turtles at my favorite beach in HI.

3. Kayak/Swim with some the dolphins--but not for as long as normal, because of the looming danger from a 16ft (so the papers said) shark that bit a woman the day before. But just so you don't think we were completely nuts...we were told the lady was way far out nosing around in the caves the shark lives in. I don't currently have pics of this one yet--they are on the water camera.

4. Witnessed a perfect rainbow on a beautiful drive home.

5. Snorkeled at the Captain Cook Monument. This is where the Christopher Columbus equivalent to the Hawaiian Islands was murdered in a more than slight misunderstanding by the hawaiian people. This place seriously has some of the best snorkeling around. are on the underwater camera so you will just have to take my word for it.

6. Went Spelunking (Cave Exploring) in an old Lava Tube.

7. Saw my first ever double feature at the $1 theatre--spent more money on the food than the movies!

8. Had Beer-i-Misu (instead of the common tirimisu)--and seriously loved it!

9. Saw a certain LOST character at Hillary's Triathlon--although i will not say who--cause he seems to be very weird about getting his picture taken and being recognized...maybe you can find him in this picture!

10. and most importantly--and the coolest thing ever--I saw lava spewing from the earth as it ran into the ocean. Volcanoes are SO AWESOME!