Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend at Pililau

For as long as we have been in HI the Williams Family has been getting a cabin at Pililau for certain holidays. They always leave open invitations to everyone to come and hang out/eat/swim. Since they are leaving in a little over a month this Memorial Day weekend was the last time we would all get to do this...so we took advantage and went over Friday evening to see the sunset, Saturday all day, and then again Monday morning. It was a really great weekend and thankfully the kiddos did great despite the early mornings, very short naps, and late nights.

Nora stealing chips

Holden and Nora playing with Lily
cutie pie Lily

Britta and Lily looking at the water

These kiddos love their pool!

learning to eat watermelon

Surfer Girl

all tuckered out from a full day on Saturday!

back at it Monday morning!

just look at those sweet cheeks

looking like a model

Holden trying on the goggles

playing in the water with Elizabeth

getting brave

and a few cute movies cause we all love them!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Makeup with Momma

Of course it's still gonna be a long while before she is allowed to wear makeup, it's never to early to learn! and i LOVE having her sit with me on the counter and try and copy what i'm doing and babbling away about who knows what. this is what i dreamed about when waiting to be a mommy--having a little person hanging out with me, looking up to me, talking to me all the time... being a mommy is the best!

Movie Monday

Everyday with twins is different, there are days where the fight the majority of the day, days where they are both whiny, days where they play alone, days where they only want to play with me, and then there are days like these....days where they play together. These are my favorite.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Touring the North Shore

the north shore is definitely one of my favorite island spots--anna couldn't leave without going up there so this past week we took the whole tour....

beach at waimea, waimea valley waterfall, kua'aina burgers, matsumoto shave ice, haleiwa shopping....a SUPER GOOD DAY!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Real Hawaiian Luau

another fun night at Paradise Cove...

getting the forbidden tattoo
lei making...this grandma wasn't too impressed with Anna's braiding skills, although i was there and Anna only did what she was told to do...grandma threw it on the ground! Anna was given a new headband, made by the expert herself, grandma
flower placing apparently is more Anna's styleoh look, a smile from grandma...whewenjoying the pretty sunset

pig, it's what for dinner

with the dancers after the show

Westside Sunset

Tonight we made an impromtu trip to the west side of the island to see the sunset...it did not disappoint! Prepare to be jealous.