Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Great Eight

Just Another Day in Paradise

We made quite a few trips to the beach over the time that the girls were here. Here's an assortment of some of my favorite pictures of our time in the sun.

Lagoons at Ko Olina

Jack staring off at the beauty of Hawaii
Jack the baby model!

Nora wants to take some pictures too!

Caedmon trying out my shades
Jack staring longingly at Nora while she contemplates her shoes
Holden sporting the home team! Go Heels!
ball caps and baby boys...these are a few of my favorite things

apparently not a fan of the waves

Cold-Kickin It

Mommy and her Baby Boy
playing in the sand and waves is so exhausting for little ones!
HRB loves Auntie Roni

NGB loving on Auntie Chrissy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

oh yeah, and how could i forget?

after our crazy hiking experience, we headed to Maui Tacos for some yummy mexican food...and Nora LOVED the refried beans! that's my girl!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maunawili Falls Hike

Wow, I am really behind...about a week and a half ago we decided to go hiking on one of our favorite hikes--Maunawili Trail which takes you to Maunawili Falls, one of the best waterfalls on this island. It's 1.5 miles in to the falls, not too bad a hike and we really thought we could do it easily with the babies. So, Hillary and I met up with our friend Jenny and her sister who was in town visiting, Morgan. We all have babies, minus Morgan, which was perfect--she could carry Nora! We set off on our hike and very quickly we noticed it was muddier than usual. By the time we got to the first creek crossing, we all individually thought we should just turn around and head back because it was so slippery, but since none of us would be the ones to wimp out we just kept going. It took a LONG time to get to the falls, and about halfway in i thought we were going to be eat alive my mosquitoes. We did score some repellent from a neighboring hiker for the babies, which i would usually be very against...but at this point we were MUCH more worried about the bites.

Even though the hike was super tricky and maybe not the best idea, when we did reach the falls all that rain that made the hike a slippery mess made the waterfall the biggest i have ever seen it. PERFECT for swimming and jumping from!

Thankfully the sun came back out on our way back and helped dry up some of the slippery spots and chase the mosquitoes away. It was a memorable day, i'm glad we did it, but i most likely won't be doing it again anytime soon!

Here we go...onto the beaten path

first creek crossing--Hillary, Morgan and Jenny
me and HRB--one of the few times he was actually awake

Hill and Jack
NGB's ride--Auntie Morgan
a nice man helping us across

reaching the falls, there were a lot of people there this day
first view of the falls
Hill and Morgan getting ready to jumpJenny and I waving from the waterfall...there are higher spots...but that's not really my thing!There I Go!with my kiddos
HRB asleep
sloshing through the mud and the muck

Morgan, Nora, Jenny and Caedmon
more crossings
sleepy, cuddly Jack

a nice view! check out HRB totally sacked out

Movie Monday

It's another late night special!

This started out with Jack poking at Holden, but by the time i got the camera ready, Holden was doing more of the poking and Jack was apparently done.

and this video is a continuation... full of lots of funnies. Babies playing with each other, HRB finding his ears, shaking his head and then a very funny surprise in the end!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ummm yeah

basically there is a LOT going on...VBS, visitors, babies, VBS, broken appliances, everyday chores, VBS....yeah...just bear with me please. i do have things to post. one day....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Monday

okay, so its a late night movie...or its just plain Tuesday for you east coasters...Sorry!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

H: Jack, whatcha doing? J: um, help please.H: Just Kidding
H&J: hey, who are you?
H&J: What are you looking at?
H: He's making fun of me! J: shhh, stop telling on me!

Rambo Who?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Great Day at Our Secret Beach

So we have a secret beach, i think there is actually a name for it and apparently other people know about it because there were others on it--but in the past, on Sundays after church we would go to our secret beach and enjoy a beautiful lagoon just us and the sea turtles. So, even though taking babies to the beach with all of their stuff is a huge hassle, the secret beach is SO WORTH IT.

To top our great beach day off we went to Haleiwa Eats, our most favorite Thai food restaurant. We thought we were probably pushing our luck with the little ones, considering all naps had been short and sparse..but again, North Shore Thai is SO WORTH a couple of meltdowns. Thankfully for us there were no meltdowns.

Wonderful Day. Enjoy the pics.

the view as you drive to the North Shore...
ahhh, nothing but ocean, pineapple fields and pine trees

in the back of the truck...ready to go he was in such a good mood this day!
yes, we wear bows to the beach too!
Jack is a little more hesitant about the days' activities
Babies need A LOT of stuffOur beach...just beyond that bend is the LOST beachi heart this picture
Thanks Jack for the ball cap...i'm a cool boy now!
Auntie Hill and Jack
the 4 babies...Caedmon, Jack, Nora and Holden
Nora hanging out in the pack n play
Holden napping
close-up of my sleepy boy
the cutest plumber butt ever

Haleiwa Eats with the "triplets"
HRB trying some coconut rice and curry...he didn't seem to mind it...that's my boy!
Nora trying out the highchair...i think that's gonna be the new way to sit at restaurants now! They're getting so BIG!
This is priceless...we think they are in love
chatting with Auntie
Such a good day!