Thursday, September 29, 2011

just our past 2 weeks in an

my husband pumping my gas for me. sweet. the goobers glued to the tv. its sesame street i believe. cute in camolate night ice cream run (as in 7pm and frozen yogurt, but whatev)
rocking her new barbie sunglasses after our girls trip to walmart

getting some loves

HRB not enjoying the noise at Buca's a little too big for that, buddy
gotta be like daddy

kiddie pool at base with auntie sarah

its a cracker mom

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mike completed his 2nd century ride this past Sunday. This time he did it with 2 other friends, Chris and Joe (Joe is a UNC grad if you can't tell from his jersey!). It was a beautiful and hot day and it was a pretty smooth ride with no mishaps. always a good thing!

Chris's wife, Sarah, the kiddos and I left directly from church to cheer them on at the finish line.

considering Mike hadn't even gotten on his bike once since being back home, he looks pretty good after 100 miles, yes?

the boys with Diamond Head behind 'em
one more sans helmets

and the kiddos first bike ride...

the kids were wonderful the whole ride downtown, searching for parking and then sitting in a hot stroller waiting on daddy. to blow off some energy afterwards, they pushed their own stroller all the way back to the car. and loved it! ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get To Know Your Blogging Neighbors!

Today our family is being featured on Living Simply at --so go on over and check it out!

The author of this blog is a NC girl that I met at Meredith College and coincidentally her name is Meredith too. Mere is a super sweet and creative person--she's a lover of the Lord, a wife and the mother of 2 boys--one toddler, Grady and a newborn, Judah. Jude is the reason for her blogging break and she is using this time to feature other families. So while you are blog-hopping and checking out my guest post, make sure to check out Mere's precious family too!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet the Newest Member of Our Family!

...and Mike's new best friend......

The Electrolux Ultrasilencer Deep Clean Vaccuum!
yep, according to the husband "life may never be the same".

okay maybe i'm exaggerating....slightly :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


We Are Moving
and coming to a state near you!

We just received orders this week that state that we will be receiving REAL orders in Feb to move to Ft. Bragg on July 16, 2012---oh the ARMY, we even need orders to get orders...a little ridiculous! all the same, we are coming home for the next 3 years and we are definitely looking forward to spending some quality time with the people we love!

so let the countdown in HI begin...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Multiples VS Singletons

Well there are lots of differences between having multiples as opposed to 1 baby--and some of them are much more significant than what i'm about to share--but this difference comes with cute pictures, SO... Multiple Playdates it is!

My singleton mom friends get together and have 2 maybe 3 kids to play at a time...when we get together we have 5, 7 maybe even 9 at a time--ALL at the same age and stages--and it's just a normal day around here! Actually on this particular day, us moms had quite a bit of time to sit on the couch and hang out while all the kids ran around and played.

Here are 7 kiddos right here--one family had to miss out today!

from left to right, we have Ben Larson., Brooke, Blake, Holden, Nora, Stella and Ben Lottigi know i have the triplets on here enough you probably recognize them, but you may not remember Ben and Stella. Last fall we went over to their house for a little playdate, you can check it out here. They are just 3 months younger than the twins, but finally they are all at the age where months don't matter.
i love it when they crouch like this...such a kid thing to do!

window sills and tupperware

it's catching on! buckets are the best hats!

just laying around

brookie's "so pretty" pose


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mickey Mouse vacations in Hawaii too!

If you haven't heard, Mickey built a vacation home in Hawaii and it's pretty dang awesome. I'm not so sure it gets him away from the the crowds of tourists, but the weather is always gorgeous and you can't beat the oceanview!

While on our weekend marriage retreat, we walked next door to check out Mickey's new crib. I'd like to stay there sometime myself...but the military/kamaaina rates START at 400 a night, and don't get me started on the restaurants and food. Still, despite the prices I can honestly say its one of the coolest hotel/resorts we've seen in HI.


the grounds--complete with a lazy river, huge pools, waterslides, character meet and greets, barefoot bars, restaurants, and more!

Character Breakfast Room--can you spot Minnie?

there she is! in her vacation attire of course

Lilo and Stitch...the theme of the whole place

beach front property

jacuzzi's facing the ocean

cool boat rides

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Time

While staying in the Ihilani, Saturday afternoon was scheduled free time. Although there was childcare available the whole day, we took the kiddos out to have family time at the pool--cause we just like them so much!

loves to splash

i really gotta work on my underwater faces...and there's no denying he's mine, huh? the water really brings out the resemblance.