Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I didn't really tell the kids snow was coming...just in case it didn't... but it came and they were very excited and curious when they woke up.  I just love this picture of them "discussing" the snow.  They're so funny together. 

When you wake up to snow in the south and everything is cancelled...what else can you do but eat snow cream for breakfast?  and lunch.  and dinner..... haha. 
Davis' snow cream reactions
1. it's cold!         2. mom maybe you should eat it.
3. okay, maybe i'll try it.             4.  mmm...maybe this snow stuff is alright...
fast forward the 2 hrs it took to get dressed and out the door....exaggerating...slightly :/
D wasn't too sure about this cold white stuff...but he tried to play for a few minutes until his hands got cold and wet, then he was a hot cold mess. 
our backyard has the perfect hill for sledding toddlers--long and not to steep.  the twins were hesitant at first, but learned to love it the more they did it. 
The Sweatland Team came to play with us and Uncle Jake was a great play mate :)

 oh i love this silly girl
 i got to take D for his first ride.  he actually really enjoyed sledding. 
3 best buddies 
red-nosed and not happy
Nora wanted a snowman so bad.  It was NOT snowman building snow, but we had to do something...
too bad the kids were crying because they were cold and then crying again because the snowman...
can't win for losing sometimes.  so uncle jake and i threw this little snowman together and then we called it a day!
get a good look at those miserable faces.  i'm certainly gonna rub this in when they are older....oh emotional 4 year olds. 
this little one cried his self to sleep on my chest because he was so upset about being outside.  I'm not gonna lie though, the snuggle was sweet. 
 After naptime, i took the twins out one more time because i was determined to have some better snow memories that didn't involve so many tears.  The second snow-go was a much better experience. 

holding their snowman's hands
 Snow Slide

 Snow Angels

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I'm writing right now from my swing, in the middle of the yard, on a sunny, 65 degree day, watching the twins play.  That makes everything pretty much okay.

As weird as NC weather can be, i'm thankful for this winter reprieve. My soul needed some fresh air and sunshine.

There's no need to elaborate, but the majority of this month could be tacked on to my month.six post.  It's been a rough few months.  But i keep watching the calendar and the time is ticking by--March is almost here and i'm feeling more like we're gonna make it. Well of course we are gonna make it...but i'd much appreciate my sanity still in tact when my love comes back home. I'm sure he'd appreciate that as well :)

The countdowns are officially starting.  Although we don't have a exact date, we have a time frame, and that's a good feeling.

We've been measuring time by holidays.  Daddy coming home has always been Eastertime.  Now Easter is the next holiday. I think the kids are beginning to understand that Daddy is on his way.

Mike told me this morning over skype, sharing his dinner/my breakfast, that he has 5 burgers left.  That means 5 more Saturdays (or so) on his base before the trip home begins.

This morning we bought tickets to Nickel Creek in Charleston for our Anniversary.  Exactly 2 months and 2 days from today.  I reserved a B&B at the Outer Banks for my 30th Birthday last week.  We haven't been somewhere together without kids since the before the twins were born.   The last birthday i've celebrated with mike was when i turned 26 and the twins were 6 months old.

The Army has been a blessing in our lives in many ways, but it's taken a lot from us too--most important being time.  Good news is, our time is coming and i can feel it.  Looking ahead now, i see good moments and laughter and happy faces.

7 months down.  6 weeks (ish) to go.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


We finally made it to the dentist, better late than never right? 

The office was great.  While not a specific pediatric dentist, they were great with the kids and had some special things ready for them. 

like cool glasses to wear while getting your teeth cleaned!

 The hygienist,  Ms Jessica, also let them touch/try out the instruments...which included squirting their sibling with the water syringe!

 They did great of course.  They received a certificate, wrote their name on the bulletin board and got to get some treasure from the box.  
 a tooth wand for this princess!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Davis had his first finger painting experience last month.  He wasn't too happy with the messy fingers, obviously.
 Nora is always up for making crafts :)
 he warmed up slightly by the end
 but he kept saying all done and wanting me to wash his hands
 he may have tasted it too :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We have a small children's museum and a friend of mine works there.  She's been encouraging us to come for a while, we've just been busy.  This month, with all the cold weather, it was the perfect time to go.  Of course the kiddos had a great time.  We'll definitely go back. 

fun at the cash register
 dentist office with real chairs that move up and down
 fire truck and pole

 books and coloring
and military play-- looking like his daddy :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Eye Troubles

New Years Eve night we had a truly "near miss".  While in the bathroom, D took that moment to pull a Christmas stocking and more importantly, the stocking holder down from the mantle...right on his face.  the corner of that metal holder just missed his eyeball...but his poor face sure paid the price.  Needless to say there was a lot of crying (some of those tears from this momma).  For the next 1.5 weeks i documented the different stages of his first black eye. 
 i just love this picture of eye, gangsta expression, double fistin' and eating grits, haha. 
 sweet no matter what
 and just when the bruise faded away, he got a case of the pink eye...and gave the most pitiful looks that could break anybody's heart!