Monday, May 31, 2010

A Month of Pictures

5 month pics are up! (as wells as a bunch of other recent pics)

Day 10

For those who are curious, last night was a little bit better, not great, but better--Nora just seems to be a bit confused about when she should be sleeping.

Holden wore one of my favorite PJ's last he is being adorable.

and here they are at nap time...i was washing their regular blankets so we borrowed Mamaw and Papaw's blankets. They are so huge babies bodies were lost in them!

Mandy and the kids came back to visit and we all went to the pool. Although we have a pool right by our house we have yet to go, so this is another first for the babies. I wondered how they would act with the cold water, but they didn't seem to mind at all!

The kids got to have some good play time with Uncle Mike. I know Mike wishes he could spend more time with them--it seems like they grow so much between each time we see them!

Mamaw bought the babies some cute new clothes so we went outside this evening and took some pictures. Nora is such a ham and looks right at the camera, but Holden on the other hand takes a lot of's like second nature for him to turn AWAY from the camera.
We did get some good pics though, Enjoy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 9

Well if i were writing blogs about each night, Night 8 would go something like this....

What? did we revert back about 3.5 months? Cause we haven't had such a night since then. My sweet, good sleeping babies had it pretty rough. First Holden fought sleep HARD and it took forever for him to quit crying and just about the time he quit Nora started up AND she really didn't stop...At least every hour, if not a few times an hour she woke up crying, babbling, calling out for us. We tried it all..ignoring, feeding, putting in the paci, picking her up and holding her--she obviously just wanted to be awake and Mommy and Daddy DIDN'T--we hadn't had much sleep the night before because of some rain/roof leakage issues and were really looking forward to some sleep. Then after a long night, at 6 am they were both up and at 'em and by 7:30 both were cranky pants again--thankfully Nora went down but Holden was teething and it took over an hour to get him quiet and fall asleep. THEN...I CRASHED...for 1.5 hours before Nora was crying out for me again... oh being a Mommy of twins!

But after all that, Day 9 turned into a good day. I took the babies on a long walk while Daddy, Mamaw and Papaw played golf. It was so HOT compared to HI and a bit buggy--but it was such a beautiful day I was just glad to be out. What I also noticed as walking is that absolutely every car that passed by, the driver waved. Man, its so good to be back in NC where people are so friendly.

We also worked on our sitting up today, Nora's really getting the hang of it--she still topples after a few seconds, but it's a big improvement from a few weeks ago when she'd just arch her back and scream.

"yeah there's drool all over my face, but so what, i'm still cute!"

This is what Holden looks like permanently...hand in least he's smiling here!

this is what happened while i was looking away, playing with Holden..she is using her ball as a foot rest

Then we had a surprise today. The Jones Family came to visit! Mikes sister, Mandy and her husband and kids came by today to see us. We were planning on them spending the day with us tomorrow but it was a good surprise today!
Cameron, Holden and Caitlyn--i can't believe how big they are!

Jeremy and Mandy
I went out to run some errands and Mandy and Mamaw got to feed the babies

Sittin' in Papaw's chair

Halfway There!

6 Months Old!

Happy Birthday To Us...Happy Birthday To Us....Happy Birthday Brother and Sister,
Happy Birthday To Us!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 8

Here we are all packed up and ready to go....sad to leave our friends, the Sweatlands!

But we were excited to head to our next stop...Papaw and Mamaw Cottle! The ride here was just okay. Maybe due to parental error but we weren't very careful with our timing and the babies had to stop and eat and they were awake and cranky the majority of it. Oh well.
It was great introducing the babies to their grandparents--they seem to not know a stranger, which is a good thing since we meet so many new people!

We had some good playtime together, had hamburgers for dinner and even compared Nora's LONG fingers and toes to Mamaw' suspected that's where she gets them! Right now the babies and grandparents are in bed asleep and Mike and I are vegging on the couch--Mike should probably get to bed soon though because he has a big golf game in the morning!
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 7

A Day With The Sweatlands!

First we woke up and the Daddies went on a run and the Mommies and Babies went on a walk in the neighborhood. After our walk we put the babies down for naps and sent the boys to Bojangles to pick up breakfast. It's the first Bo's i've had since we've been in NC. I'm not sure why it took a week, but it sure was yummy!
Then we all got ready and went on an outing to a paint-your-own pottery studio!

Here are the babies ready to go with all their toysThe studio is really cute. It's called "just claying around". Mike and I have been here once before when he was stationed at Bragg. Our babies are all going to turn 6 months old this weekend so we wanted to get hand/feet prints as keepsakes. We were there for a pretty long time, and Holden even showed his first signs of teeth cutting while we were there (of course). Daddy and Jake had to take Holden and Nora back to take naps and chill out.
Hillary, Jack and I stayed and finished up all the pottery pieces. Jack was a super good boy today at the studio!
Before bedtime tonight all the babies had some playtime on the floor. Nora sorta attacked Jack, but he really didn't seem to care...there was lots of grabbing and poking, but each seemed to hold their own. Holden sat back and watched most of the action...and also got to have some one-on-one Daddy time!

Jack has some cool new socks with jingles on them...he and Nora were both very interested

New Mommies and Great Friends!

"the boys"

Family Photos

The twins wanted to share their bath time with Jack and show them how they have Bumbo Bath time...Jack wasn't so sure about it though. In the end, he had to get out and wait his turn. We're so sorry we scared you Jack!

and then there was a bit of nighttime glad Jack could be a part of the fun!