Thursday, March 19, 2015


This is our Baby Macky at 2 months--much more alert, chubby cheeks and a crooked one-eyebrow raised look that says "you guys are nuts" on the regular. 

He's still a pretty easy baby and sleeping and eating are still his 2 main jobs.  We have however started to have some short sweet awake times where he wants to interact with you.  The biggest thing to note is his big and sweet smile.  He started showing us signs of a smile around 5 weeks and by 7 weeks he was using it pretty regular with some good eye-contact and parents making a fool of themselves.  Of course, all he had to do was hear his brother Davis' voice and a smile would grace his face.  Even Macky at 2 months thinks Davis is funny.  

Sleep:  On the sleep front, things were pretty normal over here until about 7 weeks.  Then at 7 weeks, we moved him to his room upstairs for nighttime and he showed us he could sleep 7 hours straight...then it was 8 and then one day it was 11 hours.  Mommy and Daddy are very thankful for another good sleeper.   Most nights he goes down around 730-9 for the night (it kinda depends on what we're doing) and then will sleep straight until somewhere between 5-730 the next morning.  We can't ask for more than that. 

Eating: Nursing is still going well.  He loves to do it and I am enjoying it as well.  Although I don't have him on a strict schedule he eats about every 3 hrs...sometimes a little less sometimes a little more.  I let him dictate that for the most part, especially since he sleeps so much at night. 

His likes include: 
-His Sister and Brothers (he always perks up when they are around) 
-the swing 
-his paci 
-being swaddled while sleeping 

His dislikes include:
-cold hands and cold wipes 
-cutting his nails 

a little photo shoot with Davis and Macky
~2 Years Old and 2 Months Old~ 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect?

We finally pulled out the play shaving kits the boys got for Christmas this week during bath time.  I'd been saving it for a time they could do it with Daddy, but i had some major bathroom cleaning to do after the stomach bug of last week and needed these kids corralled and occupied--bath time with a new toy is a great way to do it! 

except that they were so cute i had to stop what i was doing to take some cute pics :) 

so serious while shaving that collar bone ;)

of course Norabird didn't want to be left out.  the things you do when you live with a bunch of boys! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun. Fabulous. February.

I always want my monthly random posts to have some kind of cute title.  I just always go blank when it comes time to post them.  For some reason i want each word in the title to start with the same letter, cause i am weird like that, but then the words i come up with never truthfully describe the mood of the post.  And now that you are thinking i'm a little crazy :) This month, the title is pretty much accurate.  Fun and Fabulous might make you think we did lots of great things, but in this case, life itself was that way.  Maybe not every minute-- newborns and sleep deprivation and crazy energetic toddlers and trying moments with growing kids and responsibilities and worries.... that's all a part of my every days--but those moments are overshadowed by these moments and these moments are what matters--what makes us do it to begin with and then want more even though things are messy. 

Here's our fun and fabulous, everyday life, random february pictures. 

the big ones loving on our littlest

our littlest growing up so so fast

slow mornings of cartoon watching, and sibling cuddles  

being so tired, that you will Just.Sleep.Anywhere.  Even on a hard countertop with loud kids running around. 

toddler cuteness that is just too much for this momma's heart to handle. 

boys date of bowling and the wii--with Poppy, Daddy, Holden and Davis

my afternoons teaching this beauty to paint and enjoying some really sweet conversation
a chickfila outing that ends in a dance party with the cow (and then ends later with a stomach bug) oh why do we go to those playplaces??? 
stomach bug aftermath
more sibling sweetness
Mommy figured out the trick to Macky baths...covering up with a warm towel keeps the screaming at bay...until you wash under his neck...there is no cure for that!  and the Macky's smirk... saying whatcha gonna do about it Mom?  i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot of that for the rest of my life :)

after bath snuggles are the best, even when you do get shishi'd on 
and my favorite picture of the whole month--a baby boo boo lip pic is PRICELESS.  i think i tried to capture it with all of my kids, and here we have it, complete with a too sweet cuddle and concerned look from big brother.  

Pretty Fun and Fabulous. Right? 

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Greatest Show On Earth

This week in between snow and a stomach virus, we snuck away to the circus.  It was a fun night for the family and i just loved watching those amazed faces! 

We got there a bit early to check out some of the preshow fun like riding the motorscycles,
trying on costumes 
and tightrope walking 

then Nora chose to get ready for the show with some face paint

Ready for the Show!
Nora was amazed with the "flying girls"

Macky and Holden....I didn't get a picture but Holden liked the motorcycles best.  I'd have to agree.  They were pretty awesome. 
and then for Davis' favorite part...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Day 2015

I didn't think it was gonna happen this year, but then it did! Snow in Fayetteville 2 years in a row! This year we got to spend it with Daddy and that made it all pretty perfect.  This time last year we played in the snow and had a good time but it was hard on us--Daddy not being there was on all of our minds.  I'm so thankful for this year and this day and all the good memories we were able to make.  And where was Macky?  Well he slept the day away.  Snow is not for babies anyway. But it is good for being snuggled up and warm inside!  (and for all you grammar police, i am quite aware i just started a sentence with And, Well and But-- please try to forgive me.  On this blog i write what FEELS right, not what IS right.  Obviously.)
The twins enjoyed the snow more than last year, but still didn't want to be out in it for long.  They don't like being cold, were only so-so about sledding and were more than ready to come inside and play after about an hour. 
backyard sledding...this year the sled was cracked by constantly being slammed into the fence :) 
all wrapped up
this kid on the other hand?  he LOVED the snow and would have stayed out forever if his hands wouldn't have frozen solid and even then, Daddy had to make him come inside. 
look at the smile on his face.  
doesn't everyone sled with a bat? 
and the big birthday present is even a hit in the snow! 

and our friends/neighbors spent the day with us too.  their daddy was gone too and we know how lonely snow days can be without a daddy, so they came and played with us.  Mike made pancakes that morning, they played outside then inside then outside again, and then watched a movie and ate soup and snow cream.  it was an awesome day. 

Fun Neighborhood Friends.  
Rory, Nora, Riley and Holden 

sledding with Riley

snow cream and sprinkles...we waited too long to gather snow this year, it iced over as the day went on and wasn't the right consistency--kids didn't notice, but i did.  one good thing is we'll get our fill of snow cream next year, so no biggie. 
and like i said, Macky slept the day away. 
until we were all ready to go to bed of course, then he was wide awake and evidently thinking the whole situation was hilarious.