Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE 2012

On the last night of 2012, we spent it in our home with one of our favorite families eating good food, laughing at our big kiddos and snuggling my little one, playing a few games and watching a little TV--soaking in America and all it's pop culture.  Some year I still hope to make it to Times Square, and maybe there will be another cool concert to attend on NYE like the Avett Bros concert we didn't get to go to this year.  But still--for this time in our life, it was a good night--a REAL GOOD night.  And after a big year with a lot of change for my little family--simple is good and even hard to find.  So we'll take it when we can get it, and cherish every moment.

 The Sweatland Team
 I love this picture.  New Years Twin Hug at its best. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas #4 Burns Family

Today we celebrated our Last Christmas with the Burns Family.  It was another good get-together and especially good to see the family that we don't get to see very often. 

Nora passing around the star glasses

 Grandma's House is FULL of Santa's--i think the number of Santas this year was almost 4000.  Piedmont NC peeps...she was even on Roy's Folks a couple of years ago! 

Here's just a few of them, see how interested Holden is!

 We also went to take some family pics after lunch...Here are a few of my faves.
Grandma with her Great Grandgirls...I love how Nora is trying to be like the big girls!
 with the Great Grandkids
 all of us
 Maddie and Davis
 Aunt Mandy had her Godson for the weekend, Liam.  Nora and Liam loved playing together--they were adorable
 with my girl

 Mike, Cam and Kev
 Davis getting love from Aunt Kelly
 Nora and Liam saying Bye

December Dump

Just my monthly installment of iphone pics and other randomness..

movie night snuggles...obviously Daddy wasn't very interested
 Holden gives the movie a "thumbs up"
 Little D looking a little nervous
We had Christmas with Jack and Hillary before they left to go home for the Holidays.  The kids picked out Jack's gifts and they all had a good time opening presents and playing

Jack and his Hot Wheels
 Nora's Cinderella Baby
 Holden got a transformer
 helping Jack with his gift

 what we'll do to make a kiddo happy...
when the visor fails, a mickey d's bag can help fill the gap!
dancing and playing dress up with Dallyn 
fireside with the family..
Cameron, Mike and Caitlyn 
 Holden and Grandpa
 Cam and Davis
 LuLu loves the kiddos and the kiddos love her too! 

 one day while playing with her phone, Nora started "taking pictures" of Daddy and her baby doll
 she's such a pro
"say cheese, daddy" 
 Just like Mommy
 Told Ya...LuLu loves the kids these days.  Many times we'll find her on the kids bed at night and nap times.  they love it!
 Don't let this sweet little face fool ya, he HATES his tummy time!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas #3 with Pop Pop and Grandma

We got to Pop Pop and Grandma's house around noon--walked in the door and saw that Santa had come to visit their house too!

 Holden is loving Hot Wheels these days!
 checking out their bikes and helmets...

 Grandma found a picture Santa left...the kids had to find the toys
 they knew right where it would be
 open please!

  Of course we had to take them out right away.  It didn't take long to figure them out--Holden especially.  He's a pro at driving already!

That night we went to dinner at Gram Mary's house.  We ate a yummy Christmas meal and then opened a few more presents. 

We had a pretty great Christmas Day--and my sweeties were in great moods for most of it--
Even Little D was a happy boy most of the day considering all of his interrupted sleep!
Caudle/Burns Family Pic--barely fit on the couch these days!