Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Kiddos!

Nora and Holden are 3! 
And BOY, they are so excited about their birthday!
I just can't believe we have 2 three year olds now.  Wow.
I'll be back soon with more pics from their big day.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Over Thanksgiving Daddy had been sick and didn't have much appetite.  We wanted to make something special that he would love, so we made sausage balls Thanksgiving morning.  Nora jumped right in and wanted to help out.  

So first we washed those little hands...
 wash 'em good Birdie!
 pls. no judgements of my appearance...instead we should be proud that i am awake, my kids are dressed and we're making breakfast, yes? 
anyway...i tried to teach her how to make balls

 the concept of keeping them all the same size was definitely lost in translation, but she was trying her hardest!
Holden decided he wanted to help out too...most of his dough ended up on the floor!
 my buddies

 trying out the finished was a success!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sequence Saturday

Before nap one day, i had a few things to get done and Davis was getting kinda fussy.  I asked Nora and Holden to go talk to Baby Brother and he quieted right down.  A few minutes later i looked over to find this.  They are definitely getting the hang of this Big Bro/Sis thing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Months Old

Today my Littlest is 2 months old and we're celebrating this milestone with family in Asheboro as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  At 2 months,  Davis a sweet, sweet baby and I'm still just as happy to sit and stare at him as i was when he was first placed in my arms.  Shocker, I know. 

We're due for a check up but falling in the middle of the holidays, we're a  little behind.  When we get his stats i'll be sure to post them.  He has definitely been growing--but not too much. He's pretty much wearing all 3 month clothes and seems to grow out of things in the length first.  That is unless the outfit has footies--then his feet grow out of the clothes first.  Just like a Burns! 

He's still eating great--exclusively breastfed.  It's been a good relationship for both of us and i enjoy it just as much as i did with the twins.  He does eat a lot faster than the twins--about 15 mins tops-- which i especially appreciate at night time.  Just the other night my mom tried to give him his first bottle.  That did not go over very well and after trying for quite a while, mommy was called to come back home because Davis was quite mad and "starving".  

 As you see from the pic above, he is sleeping like a champ.  8 hours is the norm--10 hours is a sweet gift he gives to me every once in a while.  He still goes down pretty easily.  Only on certain occasions does he really fight sleep, and when he does it seems to be when he is over-tired and has been up too long or been over stimulated.  I am much more aware of this with Davis having already had similar issues with the twins, therefore we try our best to prevent him from getting too tired to begin with--meaning there aren't many times in the day when he is awake more than 1.5 hrs at a time.  

Our biggest milestone for the month has been his oh so sweet smile which i have already posted about a few times.  His smile fills his whole face and his eyes light up and i can hardly stand it.  I mean who can resist that toothless grin?  Not this mommy. 

He current likes include: 
being swaddled
the pacifier
the swing

His current dislikes include: 
bath time
tummy time 
mommy's milk after italian foods (sad for mommy)

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Trees are Falling!

That's what Nora told us on the way to Asheboro this weekend--she finally noticed something was different about the trees.  It's so funny seeing things through the eyes of little ones.  

Nana and Poppy's yard has lots of trees, therefore leaves that need to be cleaned up, so we helped out played in the leaves on Saturday morning.  Also my friend Bekah and her daughter Laurel came to hang out and play too.  It was a fun morning. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Flick

Today Davis is 8 Weeks! In celebration he'll make his internet video debut today--showing off that so sweet smile of his!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep

In preparation for Thanksgiving...

the twins having been learning in school about Pilgrams, Indians, and such...

They got in my car that afternoon and when i asked them about their Indian headdresses/feathers they looked at me funny and said they were pirates.  hmm...i thought to myself they are obviously confused between Thanksgiving and Halloween.  We had been watching lots of Peter Pan movies and Jake and the Neverland Pirates leading up to Halloween, so that's understandable, yes?

 Then while my pirate/indians were eating their lunch, i was going thru the kids backpacks looking at all their "makes" as nora calls them and came across this.  
We always talk about what they learned/made for the day and when i asked them about this ear of corn, Nora exclaimed it was a chicken and Holden said an was at this point that i came to the conclusion they WERE NOT listening in school today.  you think? 

 in other related news,  Nanny Katie sent a fun bday/thanksgiving present...with 2 more Thanksgiving hats to add to the collection.   the cooked turkey really is my favorite...every time they wear it i get tickled all over again. 

and here is last year's hat if you don't remember. 
i can't imagine what next year's hat might be..a turkey baster? or a honey baked ham?  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hanging Out with DLB

After being at work all day, Daddy loves to spend time with his Littlest
 although it usually doesn't take long for the above scene to turn into this...

he's also my cuddle buddy during the twins naptime...
look at that eye contact! 
 "mommy, enough with the kisses!"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nothing Sweeter

than a sleeping baby...
but before i show you all those sweet pictures, check out how "handsy" Davis can be while sleeping.  We are always finding him in the funniest sleeping positions. 


 "mom, you're embarrassing me"

"woe is me" 
 the butterfly
the butterfly part 2
 "stop, no more pictures please"
 Now to the sweet pics.  I could look at him like this all day.