Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Makings of a Smile

the first and one of the best milestones a baby will hit is learning to smile.  

we started seeing signs of it on week 5
it's definitely in the eyes and making its way to his lips :)

then there was this funny smirk while i was trying so hard to get a smile from him... already thinking i'm crazy:) 
a funny boy already huh?  
then this sideways smile and wrinkled nose showed up on the eve of turning seven weeks after he slept the entire day away.  Wide awake at midnight.... that's funny stuff right there mom!

and that smile reminded me of this oldie but goodie--Davis at 9 weeks. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Flick

Cause the stomach viruses and cold weather have attacked the house this week, a cute friday flick is in order to cheer things up :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sweet and Clean

On a rare night where we had all 4 bathed at the same time i couldn't resist capturing all the sweetness (and clean faces!)


Macky is really loved.  Seriously.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Newborn Photos

We got our newborn pictures back this past weekend and in my opinion they are about the best pictures i've ever seen.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  That goes for the whole experience honestly.  Photo shoots can be exhausting for kids and we've had some not so fun ones.  This day though, everything went great.  Everyone was happy and best of all Macky actually slept through the majority of the photos.  Big change from Davis' photo shoot!  

This isn't quite all of them, so if you wanna see them all click here to go to my picture gallery.  

Baby Macky

The photographer also took some pics of the Big 3 that i absolutely love--especially the ones in their own rooms.  

Our photographer was Erica Carter with Captured Love Photography based out of Burlington.  She's awesome and I highly recommend her for any of your photography needs! 

Month.One Posted

i back dated Macky's one month post so it's closer to the actual date he turned one month---just playing a little catch-up here.

here's the link to check it out: 

and also, i've updated our pics website if you wanna check out whatever else we do that i haven't posted...or all the outtakes :) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday Funday

In the midst of some of the cold and bleak weather lately we had a most unusually beautiful day a few weeks ago--like almost 70 degrees!  Even better than a 70 degree day in the middle of winter is a 70 degree WEEKEND day to be enjoyed together as a family. 

We went to the local trail to take a walk and get some energy out and work on proper push-up form as well.  I mean we are an Army family you know, what else would you expect? 
they love the bridge and the "waterfalls"

then we came home and the kids played outside with our favorite neighbors until the sun went down, just look at those happy faces. 

and then to end a fun day, being the master chef's that Kayla and I are, we made crunchwrap supremes at home :) take that taco bell! 

meanwhile these two cuties were getting to know each other better.
Macky at 5 weeks and Raegan at 11 weeks-- and Raegan is wearing Nora's first easter dress! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Weekend in the Quad Cities

As I announced in the previous post, we are being stationed in Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois this summer.  We will most likely start the moving process in June.  RIA is a very small base, with only about 800 active duty are actually stationed there.  It is however the biggest employer of civilians in the Quad City area.  

RIA is situated in the middle of the Mississippi River, living up to its name as an actual island.  The Mississippi River is the border between Iowa and Illinois so we can actually live on either side.  Although most people we have talked to live in Iowa we are still not sure what we will do.  

From what we hear their are four very distinct seasons here.  It gets hot and humid in the summers similar to the South, but definitely gets cold in the winter which we were 'lucky' enough to encounter while visiting. However we have heard great things about how beautiful the spring and fall can be and i'm very glad to hear that. 

I've been researching the area for quite some time and really just had a ton of questions, so we decided to make an impromptu visit to the area.  The grandparents kept the big 3 kiddos and Mike, Macky and i packed up and headed to RIA for a little recon mission. 

Macky did great on his first flight.  I'd say newborn would be the perfect age to fly with...they just eat and sleep and since they can do that anywhere it was really no big thing.   The flight to IL was great, we arrived late that night, drove around in the dark looking for food and checking out what will be our new home in a few months and then headed to our hotel to get some rest. 

Macky's first flight
waiting in an airport...don't judge the no socks, he can't keep them on no matter how hard we try. 

The next morning we had an appointment to see some available houses--it was also valentines day.  So we all got up, got dressed and Macky wore his new V-day shirt.  It says Doctor of Love :) I'm not sure he was as amused as I was. 

This was the view from the first house.  Flat and Cold.  Don't get me wrong, i can see the beauty in this, but its definitely very different from anything we are used to. 

After a long morning of looking for houses, and honestly being mentally/emotionally exhausted at the not very promising prospects, we stopped to have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Macky had been in the car seat for hours and while he had been super good, we felt bad and so we hung out at the restaurant for quite a while warming up, eating yummy food and playing with our baby. 

you know you are a veteran daddy when you can hold your wobbly 5 week old while eating wings. 
Happy Valentine's Day handsome!
(what happened to his other cute outfit you ask? well... baby's love to have blowouts...especially when you are out with no way of washing/cleaning up.  I can't even count the number of pooptastaphies we had that weekend).
 we spent most of our day on the IL side of the river, so before going back to our hotel, we stopped at the John Deere museum in Moline to get a quick picture/clue for our game.  

Moline is home of the John Deere World Headquarters.  I guess that's cool and all, but what i learned from this weekend about John Deere and the corporate world is that they are driving up the housing prices in the area and our military housing allowance can't compete--at least with a house in a decent neighborhood and school.  

We used every bit of daylight driving around checking out neighborhoods, schools, etc (like 9 hrs adn 200 miles worth) and we were just plain tired that evening.  So for our valentine's dinner that night we chose to watch Parenthood on Netflix and had Papa Johns delivered to the hotel.  
 The next morning we woke up to 0 degrees.  Thankfully by the time we got out the door at 9am it had risen to 3 degrees :) I decided that once you hit about's all the same.  Cold.  Well that's until the wind sets in.  That's a whole other ballgame. 

This is how Macky handled the cold.  We had lots of giggles about his positions and faces throughout the weekend. 

We checked out a church while we were there.  Although it may not be where we end up committing too, checking out a church was a great idea.  Everyone was very friendly and we were able to talk to a few people about the area and hear their opinions on schools.   After church we ate at the Machine Shed Restaurant. If you haven't been to one it's like Cracker Barrell but better.  It was the perfect Sunday lunch.  We will definitely be going back there.  
On our last day we visited one more town we are interested in maybe living, Le Claire.  This is also the town where the original Antique Archaeology shop is located.  Le Claire was super cute and by far my favorite little town we visited while there--no rental homes, although i'll be continuing to look. 

We chose this as our last clue because we figured most people would be familiar with the show and be able to figure out where we were. 

We also went to the Arsenal on this day.  It was just as tiny as I expected.  Basically one major road, a bunch of what looked like empty buildings, a small golf course covered in snow, a few apartment type houses, a small commissary and that's about it.   It does however have a great view of the Mississippi River. 

Our trip ended...or not i guess you could say, with a flight cancellation because of the ice/snow storm raging the east coast.  Our plane couldn't make it to Moline so we had an extra night to spend in IL. Thankfully that's all of the flight problems we had and although it was a long day the next day--with a 0230 am wake up, 6 am flight, drive from Charlotte to Atown on a bunch of icy roads full of crazy drivers to pick up our babies and then to Fayetteville so Mike could make work the next day--Macky did amazing.  He again was not amused... but he was however fantastic and wins the Best Baby Traveler award for sure! 

The kids and the "snow" at Grandma and Pop Pop's