Monday, September 29, 2014


Since Mike first got back home we have been talking with Holden about what he would like to get involved in.  Nora has been in Dance for over a year now and we wanted to find something for him as well.  It's hard to find something for 4 yr olds to get involved in besides dance and gymnastics.  Also because of time restraints, i needed it to be something close to the house.  Thankfully there is a Tae Kwon Do school close by so the boys went to visit and see if it was something that Holden would be interested in doing.  Holden liked it and calls it "ninja school".  

Mike took him to an initial private meeting where you talk with the instructor about what TKD is all about and they have a mini lesson.  Afterwards, when my two boys (meaning Daddy and Holden) they had huge smiles on their faces and Holden was carrying a white outfit, called a gi.  So it was safe to assume all went well and we were now signed up for TKD :)

Holden is the youngest by about 2 years in most of his classes and as you can tell in the pictures, there are adults in his classes too.  There is a younger class available but the teacher seems to think that Holden is mature enough to be in the older class.  I do think he seems lost sometimes... as we are still trying to decipher our left from right... but we can also see that he has made some huge strides in just his first month.  He walked into the class quiet and scared but now he is much more confident, speaking confidently and loudly and the moves he has picked up he does with great precision.   The Teacher noticed immediately that Holden is very technical and precise.  Whereas some of the other boys just go at it with abandon and don't really care if what they are doing is perfect, Holden does a LOT of watching and studying (and standing still) until he has it figured out.  

Mike and I are really proud of him.  

getting his belt after his first class 

Here's a few videos of his first few classes 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Back to School

School started back at the beginning of the month for these 2.  They are now the big kids at school and they know it! 

i just had to add these two pics from the past 2 years of first days...lotsa growing over here!

this year Daddy was able to come to first day drop off too.  
 and although Mike and I had no problems dropping our littles off for school, Davis was not too happy about leaving his best buddies behind.  The teacher gave us a sweet little gift when we were leaving to help "cope" with any emotions.  The Hershey's kiss was needed immediately to help our littlest calm down! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


in case you missed it on one of the other social media networks, we finally had our anatomy ultrasound.... 
yep.  another Burns Boy will be here soon.  
and he says "Hi!" to you all :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Davis Days

D's been super busy growing and playing this past month...

He is always reading books...even if no one is listening!
 He tried on his brother's undies to see how he likes them
 He's always right beside me no matter what i'm doing...."helping! helping!"
 He remembers his "murse" before going to the store.  So responsible!

 He's learning to drive...
 Designing his own accessory line...
and changing all of his friends diapers too. 
He really is getting to be a big boy...but please don't dump ice water on your head.  His sweet little heart just can't take it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Happenings

We like to give Daddy a hard time when he's going to work...  Daddy will never be able to leave with this big girl blocking the door ;)
and then sometimes we wait on the porch when he's on his way home.  On this day i was cooking dinner and couldn't wait, but Nora held down the fort steps, waiting for Daddy. 
 They sure do love him
 and these brothers really love each other
 The twins started soccer a few weeks ago.  They were very excited for all their new soccer gear.  They seem to be having fun so far.  My honest opinion is the base soccer program is pretty unorganized...but they are having fun so that's good enough for now. 
 we also celebrated this little one's 2nd birthday.  Emma is just 2 weeks older than that means we're next!  Where are our babies? 
a fun group of kiddos!

  and i hit the halfway mark.... toes still visible!