Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zoo Trip

This past week, my friends Hillary and her son Jack, and Kim with her daughter Adalynn met up with us and we went to the zoo for the morning.  It was the perfect day, sunny and warm but not hot and besides some school groups, it wasn't all that busy.  The kids had a blast--they sure love all their animals!

what?  we don't need any parents, we got this under control!
guess who was in charge of directions


i have no idea why she prefers them upside down

just riding some elephants

the dinosaur exhibit!  these two boys were mesmerized!
well, its a pretty good picture (considering we're all looking), it would have been nice if the photographer would have gotten the the dino face too :)

looking up at the brachiasauras
"you see that, mom?"
Nora finally got down to check them out herself.  The moving and roaring was a little scary to her at first. 

we ended our trip with a little carousel ride on some awesome and giant animals.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Riding in NC

okay.  here we go.  we're in NC.  staying with the grandparents.  and the kids are loving all the attention. AND all the room to run around and play.  they ask to go outside everyday, about a billion times a day.  so we long as it's not raining and cold!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Goodbye HI

oops.  i fibbed.  one more HI post.  the last pic i took on the island.  we were waiting fo the taxi at the Hale Koa.  My two cuties ready for their next adventure!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Day in Hawaii

This will be my last Hawaii post.  At least as a resident of the state.  With such a busy few weeks i didn't get to properly see everything i wanted once more before flying out, but i did decide to spend my last full day on the North Shore--driving around seeing the beautiful country, stoping at shops, eateries and a few beaches.  The kids spent most of the time in the back of the car sleeping since it was nap time, but it was a beautiful day--slow paced and restful, just the way i'd want my last day on the island to be.  

I've attached a ton of pictures...i plan to use them in the twins room in our new house in Fayetteville.  I assume they won't remember much about living here, but through the cool pictures and stories i hope they will still feel connected to it.  It was a great 6 years for Mike and I.  We're feel so blessed to have had the opportunity.

a roadside market


Turtle Beach was one of our first North Shore stops 6 yrs ago, and we also made it our last.  Six yrs ago we had the most awesome day swimming in the ocean surrounded by huge sea turtles.  Now, you can never find a minute at that beach that isn't full of tourists and sea turtle protection teams making you keep your distance.  While I understand the need for the protection, that afternoon will also be on the list of my top favorite memories in hawaii--it's sad an afternoon like that isn't possible anymore. Still the kids loved seeing the turtles, although didn't understand why we couldn't go touch them.  

our favorite north shore shop for tshirts and things


i love this pic!

haleiwa bridge

just my most favorite restaurant ever...maybe the real reason we spent our last night on the north shore!

using chopsticks...and pretty decent at it

look at that!  she picked those noodles up herself!