Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RIght Out of the Movies

So, i got a story for you...

Yesterday, right around rush hour i was running a couple of errands before needing to be at bible school. I was in Pearl City by Walmart and Sams Club trying to make a left hand turn when the SUV in front of me did not completely make its turn and ran up on the sidewalk then eventually slammed into the light pole. My first thought was maybe their power steering went out or something and to stop and see if they were ok, but then something inside told me to not stop and get around them. Just as i did, i look in my rear view mirror and the SUV had backed up off the curb, crossed 3 lanes of traffic and slammed into an oncoming car sending the two cars spinning around in 5 lanes. It was really a miracle no other cars were hit--especially me, considering my car was the one between the SUV and the car it hit just a few seconds before the accident.

I jumped out of my car and looked around--both vehicles were leaking fluids and smoking...the SUV's windows were down and music was blaring. The driver of the other car was a middle-aged woman who was panicking trying to get out of her car but could not because her door wouldn't open. Her windshield was shattered, air bags released and the front of her car was basically crunched into the interior of her car. I ran over to her and got her door open--i guess because of my own adrenaline rush--and she climbed out. The driver of the SUV was coming our way asking if she was okay. I answered she was, but quickly put my attention back to her and lost sight of him and the other passengers.

After getting the lady to the sidewalk and sitting down, she seemed fine just seriously shaken up. Another girl was on the sidewalk when everything happened and was calling 911. I noticed that between the two wrecked cars and my own, we were blocking all lanes of traffic. So I went to move my car over to the shoulder by a nearby parking garage. As I was parking, the guys in the SUV went running by by car and into the garage. It was then i realized they were literally running away from the scene. I ran back to the lady and by then there was a bunch of onlookers and people trying to help out. I told them the guys ran away and then one of the men who worked in the area left to get security. Later on two of the 4 passengers were brought back, but not the driver.

While waiting for the EMS/Police, i was going over with the lady if anything was hurting when i saw that her arm /hand was blue and very swollen and all her knuckles were crunched looking. Once she saw her hand i think it hit her that she was hurt and she started to get dizzy. She also had lots of bruising and swelling on her knees and neck. We layed her down on the sidewalk and waited for the EMS.

The EMS and one police officer got there. The EMS dealt with the lady and the police officer was dealing with the run aways--I waited with the other 3 witnesses who saw everything to tell the Police. The other sidewalk girl and I even spoke to the driver of the SUV and could tell what he looked like.

Once another police officer came, i went over to him to see if he wanted our statements. He said "yeah, tell me what happened". So he came over to where we were standing and we told him what we saw and did. Then when we were done, the officer basically said, "okay, thanks for staying" and then he walked away. He didn't take our names, write down what we saw..anything. I mean, really anywhere else on the mainland, that would have been handled in a completely different manner. It was pretty obvious the guys in the SUV were under some sort of influence, hurt a woman and then fled a scene. It wasn't like this was just a small bump-up yet our fine, hard-working Hawaii Police Department didn't even take down one witnesses name. Amazing. Seriously Amazing.

So that is my story...really seems like something our of a movie more than something that actually happened to me yesterday--and even though everything was crazy--thankfully the lady wasn't seriously hurt and also i am so thankful that i got out of the way before i was a part of the accident instead of just a witness. God was definitely taking care of me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great Friend, Great Visit

I've been offline for a couple of weeks because of Amanda's visit. We were way to busy having fun to spend time here blogging! It was great having someone from home here to hang out with. She got to stay for a long enough time that we didn't have to pack every day with touristy things to do. Some days we just layed around laughing and watching movies--and that is some therapy i was in serious need of.

I have said it before, but i am so very blessed to have such good friends in my life. They are my wonderful distractions and my saving graces while Mike is gone. I can't stress how important i believe it is for us as individuals to keep up with our friendships no matter what else is going on in life. There may be times--and for us military families this is inevitable-- where that one person you depend on the most will not be there and your family may not be close by.

So yay for college friends and especially for Amanda for coming to hang out with me ( i know it was such a hardship in HI and all--but she did promise if i were to move somewhere cold and depressing she would still come see me!)

We had some great times--We went to luaus, hiked, beached, went to 3 concerts (Live, Everclear and Billy Ray Cyrus--i know, i know, he was the 4th of july entertainment and yes he did sing Achy Breaky Heart!), snorkeled, rode mopeds, shopped, kayaked, tried new foods and more. We also went to the Big Island with my two friends from HI which i will devote another blog entirely to. She also got to do some things nonspecific to HI, like accompany me to the dentist, grocery shop, help with children's church and even make her own visit to the doctor when her back went out on the day she was leaving. Things are always eventful with her!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

First of all, I just want to wish a HAPPY 10 YEARS to the love of my life! What an awesome and beautiful ride, and I wouldn't want to change a thing. Here's some oldies but goodies!

and to everyone else...hope you have had a great 4th of July celebrating with your friends and families. Please remember all that has been sacrificed by others so that we are able to be safe and free--and have fun times like this weekend with the ones we love.

Thank you Mike --our friends, Jake, Jordan, Mark, Adam, Bryan, and all of our military for everything you do for us!