Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Monday

Holden's been busy! He must've been waiting on Daddy for the good stuff.


The 3 loves of my life--all together. Priceless.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sun, Sand, and Daddy

Oh to the days of having nothing to do but shave my legs before heading to the beach. Ha. Packing for the beach now is almost comical, but i'm getting it down--at least i thought i was until we get to the beach and there is a great picture opportunity to which i pull the camera out and discover the battery is not there. ugh. Thank goodness for a good
camera phone. iphone, you are truly worth every penny, i love you.

Nora got some new shades this week and she actually kept them on!

this week's addition to the beach is the baby pool...with that and the beach tent/tunnel, it's like a baby beach resort around here!

cute vids


Well i've officially been terrible at taking pictures so far with Mike home. While we've been having a great time, we haven't technically don't much of anything. I will try to do better though. Here are a few pics from the first night he was home.Ollie misses his daddy too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At Last

We're at home. We're together. It's a good, good day.
Waiting at the gate with my favorite little ones. There he is!
i love this one with HRB looking straight at us!
it's like meeting each other all over again.

my sweet family...kiddos are way more interested in Daddy's uniform

i love him.

Tomorrow we are having an "us" day. Just me, my kids and my husband doing whatever we want to phones, no visits, just us. Can't wait.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


oh yeah! Mike is on his less than 3 hours he'll walk off that plane and i can't wait!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lay Over

Mike's in Atlanta tonight and leaves first thing in the morning. He should get in to HNL 4pm. We can't wait. This is actually perfect...i was worried that he would come in late tonight and not get to see the babies. Now tomorrow at 4 we will all be there waiting at the gate excited to see him!


This was Mike last night...although probably safely in a plane. Any time now he should be in Atlanta waiting for his next flight. It's getting close now...maybe we'll even see him before bedtime!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

In other news...

Mike should be arriving in Kuwait sometime in the next day or so. From there he'll let me know the rest of the flight schedule to get him to HI. We can't wait!

Flu Smew

What does a 102 temp that won't abate + a weird pinprick rash equal?

The flu, apparently.

Yep, we have our first flu, who knows where HRB got it, but he definitely gave it to his sister, and her's was worse, of course. Thanfully, the fevers are finally over--but man are they ever fussy and NGB has litterally ate nothing but a thing of yogurt and a couple bites of sweet potato in 3 days. Thank goodness for milk!

We had our first flu shot that you can get at 12 months, but then they also need a booster since it's the first ever flu shot..we are scheduled for that in a week. Bad timing, huh?

It's times like these where i'm so thankful for having some help.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are usually slow movers in the morning, but we set out clocks and got out of the house so we could make free time at gymboree this morning. There were a bunch of kids older than them running around and my sweet ones weren't too sure about everything...we'll have to do this more often so they can get used to the environment. Still here are some pictures from today of the kiddos playing with all the cool toys.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Love for Books

My prayer is that this will be a lasting children and their books. Reading has always been a part of who i way to learn, my source of entertainment, and my escape. I only hope that my children will grow up to appreciate literature the way that i do!

Here's a pic of Mike on Skype--its what we were doing while the kiddos were reading. We hadn't skyped since we we left Hawaii to go home for Christmas, so it was nice to "hang out" for the morning, even though it was actually late night for Mike and he had an early morning ahead. He must love us!
And another little extra cause its so darn cute! my Lulu, being her usual self

Valentines Day... The Extended Version

Honestly, Valentines Day is one of those days i can take or leave. I don't really have any big feelings on it either way. I don't despise it as lots of people claim to, but i also don't look forward to it because in the 12 valentines days that i could have spent with my sweetie, we can really only remember spending 2 together. Eh. That's pathetic.

With that in mind, today would have definitely rank in the top 3 of my MOST FAVORITE Valentine's Days EVER. I was finally able to spend it with 2 very important loves of my life!

First we went to the beach, because what else are you supposed to do on Vday? ;) We even took our new tunnel/tents. This was the perfect thing to take to the beach. I can't believe my kids are big enough now to actually play at the beach. Whoa, when did that happen?she's so beautiful!face plant= awesome sand decorationsThen it was home for a whopping FOUR HOUR NAP....Hallelujah! Mommy and Auntie got plenty of time for a movie, lunch, showers and naps. Then when the babies finally did wake up, i decided that i wasn't cooking, so we packed up and braved the crowds at Chillis. We let the babies open their cards up here. This was their favorite....Singing cards are awesome! Check out Holden's "study" face!Nora was very interested in her princess book from Grandma and Grandpa Caudle. Auntie Megan and her valentine, Nora.Mommy and her Valentine, Holden....doesn't he look so grown up here?and then when we got home, of course i had to take some pictures. and of course they wouldn't sit still for any of it!

Nora and Mommy giving Holden kisses.Daddy sent Nora flowers!and i'm sure you didn't notice, so let me point it out....the shirt Nora is wearing this year, is actually the same shirt she wore last Vday too! We just used it as a dress! Look at how much she's changed!

Hope you all had a good day too!