Thursday, April 25, 2013

Davis at 6 months

well he's seven months now, but here's a recap of his last month. 

those 2 teeth he's been working on, drooling over, crying over for the past 4 months finally popped out within days of each other--exactly as they did with the twins. We could have sworn we saw one of them months ago, but either mike and i were both crazy and hallucinating, or it popped out, saw the world and then went back into hiding for a few more months. 
 He sits up...he's been physically able to for a while, but the kid will not ever be still, so it took awhile before he would actually sit still long enough to be considered "sitting up".  He still falls over all the time trying to get something or go somewhere. 

  speaking of moving...
there is a lot of this 
 and this going on...just not at the same time... i imagine it won't be long until he is on hands and knees at the same time. for the time being he does a pretty good job, rolling, spinning and inch-worming his way to what he wants. 
 we also started food this month. it has been a process. Davis hasn't been gaining weight the way they would like--well at all really, but he also wouldn't take to solids very well.  We spent the past month basically begging the child to eat.  It got to a point 2 weeks ago where he cried all the time, from hunger i imagine, but we couldn't get him to eat anything.  Of course after making an appointment with our doctor last week for some testing--Davis decided he would eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.   in the past 6 days he has gained half a pound...which is half a pound more than he has gained in 4 months. So at seven months and 4 days, D is weighing in at 15.4 lbs and growing.  He is also much happier now with a full belly.  And we are all much happier too. :)

hey, i want some of that!

here's some pics of his food exploration


 sweet potato

we're doing a mixture of baby food (purees) and table food (solids).  my intent with him was to follow the baby-led weaning route, which is introducing table food from the start.  (if you want more info read about it here).  Davis enjoyed it the first few weeks, but as he started to really need more calories, he couldn't eat enough to satisfy him through solids alone, and would just scream all of the time, especially during feeding times.  It was obvious he was getting frustrated.  So i moved to trying purees and he also was completely resistant to taking anything i gave him from the spoon.  Although this can be normal, and a sign that a child isn't ready to eat yet--in Davis' case we think he was just overly hungry and frustrated--and with the weight concern, there wasn't time to wait and try later.  

Finally, he started taking food from a spoon when Mike, spent the weekend doing nothing but working with him on eating.  we did find that D was more accepting of food when it was coming from Daddy and not me.  (i believe the sight of me just frustrated him further as he just wanted to nurse around the clock).  The weekend baby food bootcamp was a success and now he eats both purees and table food--occasionally blowing our minds at how much he can consume.  

last night Davis ate, carrot and pea purees and then ate dinner with us... sausage, black beans, broccoli and pasta.  crazy! 

As for all other updates--here they are in list form. 
-Davis now sleeps without his swaddle--that transition was perfectly easy for everyone, thank goodness. 
-he sleeps about 10 hrs every night, occasionally longer.  that 5-6 am feed seems to be hard for him to drop. 
-bedtime is 7-7:30 after that, the little baby is an absolute BEAR!
-he is still IN LOVE with his siblings. 
-he loves being outside, Daddy takes all the kids out most afternoons to play and Davis is always so happy to be out with them
-He still loves his paci, although now he chews on the tag of the giraffe connected to the paci about as often as he actually sucks on the paci.  
-he babbles--mamama and bababa  and loves to squeal. 
-i'm pretty sure he is trying to communicate mama to me, he moves his mouth in the exact way you would to say it, just no sound comes out, many times when he sees me.  it's super sweet.  

guess that's it. 

I'm super overdue for a nursery chair photo-shoot, maybe i can get that soon!

Monday, April 22, 2013


it's our anniversary.

seven years.  yep, 7.

we're not really newly-weds, nor are we considered pros at this yet either.  really seven years is right in the's the hard work.  we aren't blind to each other's faults anymore, yet we aren't quite accustomed and accepting of them either.  we have 3 little ones that demand our attention along with jobs, bills, school, commitments,  activities--it's easy to lose sight of each other.

seven years also has the awful attachment of the "seven year itch", which kept popping in my head over and over the past few days.

it doesn't have to be that way though. i do believe that.

it just takes some work.

Constant Communication. Commitment. Acceptance. Forgiveness.  Patience.  Love.  and just to make it 7...lets add Laughter.  We love to laugh around here.

to celebrate this 7 the midst of our busyness--- we spent the day as a family--a slow sweet morning with yummy breakfast and snuggles,  a photo shoot in the afternoon at a beautiful garden with our sweet little family and then dinner just the two of us talking about how we'd like to spend the next 7 years of our lives and what ways we can better improve our relationship.  It was a good sweet day and a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary in this season of our life.

I'm certain that there is no better person that i could have chosen to spend my life with than this man. I'm so thankful for him and his commitment to our family.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It should be said.

I have awesome friends and an even more awesome Holy Father.  a Father who is teaching and pushing me everyday to be a better version of myself, even when it hurts.  

but he also hears the cries of my heart.

After struggling with how to better get plugged in, He placed someone from our church, right in my the parking stall next to mine at walmart, with a possibility of a new place to plug in.

and after i struggled with the feeling of loneliness for a better part of the day-- i sit down to my computer at the end of the day to find 2 different messages from good friends just to say they missed me.  And another message from a friend that i haven't talked to in a while that struck up a sweet conversation reminiscing about memories and bringing a smile to my heart.

a good reminder that friendships aren't about geography.

and a bigger reminder that my God cares about the little things--even my sad days.

I go to bed thankful for all i have and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

This Season

I'm having a strange day--a little woe is me day.  I'm warning you now.

Military life. It has got its good sides.  Of course with that comes the bad.  Moving and starting over new is hard.  Yes, there's the logistical headaches of it all, but i'm talking emotionally.  I was really pretty lucky to have had it so easy in Hawaii.  Real lasting relationships were made easily.  I really felt we had a home there.  We've been in Fayetteville for coming up on a year now and i still feel like i'm just waiting around, living day to day and just haven't found my place and for whatever reason, today, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I've always had lots of friends and lots of things i've been involved in.  Friendships have always been important to me.  I crave girl time, both for the fun times as much as the sweet heart-connecting moments.  As i look back on my life there aren't many times where i haven't had a close-knit group of friends to lean on. I've been blessed.

I've also always been busy.  I guess i still am, but in a much different way.  Motherhood has kept me busy, but it's also kept me somewhat isolated.  I am tethered to the house with lots of little bodies to nap and feed around the clock.  That's okay. I chose this.  I also know this time in my life will be short. I try to give myself some grace here.  I don't need to do more than what i'm doing right now.  Serving, volunteering, getting plugged in to all sorts of groups.  That stuff can wait.  I'm doing enough right now.  Being a mom can be enough.

I believe there are seasons in life.  Seasons of fun, friendship, heartache, growth, family and prosperity, etc.  I'd say i'm somewhere around family and growth.  and that's not a bad place to be.    Growth is good and needed, and i'm so thankful for it.  I hope i am always learning and striving to be better.  Family...well, it's the best.  and i'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Where the heart problem lies is outside of my home.  in this community.  i don't feel connected.  i haven't found a group to really belong to.  don't get me wrong.  i've met some great people.  i'm just struggling with getting beyond the surface.

in a bible study i go to, we've been reading the book When People are Big and God is Small.  I wouldn't say i've enjoyed everything about this book--but i have found parts interesting, or maybe i should say convicting.  the author talks a lot about not putting so much weight in our relationship with other people.  i should be finding my happiness and value in Him.  This means that someone else's words or actions shouldn't have the power to ruin my day.  This also means that just because i don't have a lot of close friendships right now that i should feel lonely and unconnected. If i'd let God be big enough in my life--i wouldn't couldn't feel lonely.  He is the ultimate friend.  it's feasible to believe that God actually has put me in this place, at this time to teach me that i don't need a million things to do and i don't need to be surrounded by a ton of people to be happy.  I have Him. I also have a loving husband, 3 beautiful children, a best friend and an extended family just a few hours away.  That's a lot.  Geez.  When i list it like that i sound outright silly.  Cause if that's all i ever had, that should be enough.

My head hears it, now just tell my heart.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lions, Tigers and Dinos, Oh My.

yep, we made our first zoo trip of the season.  it was a beautiful weekend and we couldn't resist going--even though i just knew the rest of the town would feel the same way! 

we just saw the africa side this time.  usually one side at a time is enough for us--i'm thankful to live so close that is okay to just see little pieces at a time instead of making it into a long and stressful event.  

Riding in the Helicopter
 i think the kids like riding on the statues more than seeing the real animals

 walking with Grandma
 the real reason i wanted to go to the zoo was to see the baby gorilla.  of course that is what everyone else wanted to see also.  the exhibit was packed with some not-so-nice people.  it was hard to get a good view...and this is the best picture i got.  if you can't tell the momma has the baby laying on her face.  pretty sweet. 
 Davis got pretty tired and took a short nap.  he's not much of a napper when we are out and about, so this is one for the books. 
 Dino Exhibit


 Norabird didn't feel her best on this day, she spent most of the zoo trip in the stroller just watching 
 the carousel is always a hit.  the twins had their first ride on this exact same carousel when they were 6 months too. 
 loving it
 watching the silly chimpanzees
super fun day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Virginia Randoms

On the way to VA, Nora and her Meow.

we went to see the girls at one of their swim meets. they swim 5-6 days a week! talk about commitment.    that's Elizabeth in the farthest lane. 

the williams' house is up against the woods and the kids had a great time running around and exploring.  Holden loves his swords (sticks)
 the sleeping situation there was a little crazy.  our littlest was not sleeping he somehow got a room all to himself, with a nice big bed completely unused while Mike and I bunked in with the twins. Nora and I slept/snugged great but the two active sleepers, Mike and Holden had some interesting nights.  Here is a picture i snapped one night of their funny sleeping positions. 
 oh how we love ice cream
 it's never a true visit to the Williams House without a little Just Dance party.  the twins even played along this time.  we may have to invest in the game ourselves! 
 the men dance numbers area always my favorite!

lots of good times and a whole lotta laughs!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Celebrations

Another big tradition for the Williams Family is their annual Easter Party.  We have attended quite a few of these over the years in Hawaii.  They always invite lots of people and there are lots of games, food and an Easter Egg Hunt of course! 

The Hunt...the twins were so excited about this! 
Little kids first...

 Holden searching in all the good spots!

checking out their bounty! 
 Next we had the Easter Egg they do at the White House.  Marybeth and Bryan worked at the White House for a while keep this tradition up wherever they go.  First we decorate our eggs, and then we roll them! 

The twins first dyed eggs

 Time to Roll...Holden was up against Buddy.  Buddy was a couple years older and won of course, but Holden still had fun.  One of the rules is to NOT hit the egg like a golf ball...Holden didn't quite let that rules sink in.  By the end of the roll, his egg was massacred. 
 Elizabeth racing her boyfriend, Jacob. Elizabeth (as well as her sister Bethany) are pros at this!

Daddy was on LittleD duty

but he still challenged me to a race! A little too confident, Daddy and Little D couldn't beat me this time!