Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sequence Saturday

So I found these on my phone--they are actually a few months old--but i just love how sweet the pictures are. It's not quite a story-telling sequence...but it really shows the love, yes?

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Family

Sweet boys and Holden's new cubies hat my dress-up princess...

all the accessories were picked out by the princess herself...a fashionista already!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Momma's a Sucker

So Mommy (that's me) can totally be a sucker sometimes for souveniers. I wish this wasn't the truth, but it is. Eh. Anyway, while at the zoo i saw these totally cute bottle buddies and it WAS the daily bought 2. And really upon getting them home and using them. I still think they are as awesome as they were in the store.

Hey Momma...what is this? trying them seems to be safe...
look at my cute giraffe buddy! he makes my water bottle so much cooler! wow mom, it's a turtle! i love it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're Classy...Not Trashy!

So we had a little mishap with Nora's shorts today at lunch and i long ago quit carrying around a change of clothes because we never seem to need them. Well, today would have been a good day to have a clean set. oops. Mommy Foul.

SO, I really can't stand to take them in places without pants or shoes, both gross me out--and i don't mean to say that as a judgement to others, i just personally can't stand it. Anyway--after lunch we really needed to make a stop in at Walmart--a very classy place itself--and i told Mike there was no way i was taking her inside in just her diaper. So we improvised! Mommy had just bought a new t-shirt and it doubled great as a dress, yes? okay, maybe it was a little messy too, but at least my daughter won't end up on

Personally, i thought she really rocked the side knot--and you should shoulda seen her strutting her stuff in the aisles all the while her right hand was waving in the air in order to hold mommy's purse up on her shoulder! Totally Classy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We joined some friends at the zoo today. It was a beautiful day--a bit hot, but nice. The first half of the day was good--the animals were all out and moving around. Then we stopped to eat lunch and play in the Keiki Zoo. After lunch though, Holden (who hasn't been feeling well) was too hot and done, so we speed walked through the rest to get to the exit and head home. Maybe we shouldn't have gone out in the first place, but he woke up in such a good mood this morning and after being stuck inside all day yesterday, it was nice to get out for awhile and see some friends.

the Boys watching the monkeys

waving hello to the turtle

watching the orangutans with Caedmon

my sweet family--notice Holden's leaf he found!

Nora liked the Spider Monkeys...they were all over the place

look daddy, Fish!

Big Fishy

Petting the Goats

rock climbing like the lions...Caedmon is showing her the way

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Decorate A Tsunami Warning Device

Did you know that i live just up the road from the Tsunami Warning Center of the Pacific? During a Tsunami Warning, this is the place where all the researchers are frantically working and being interviewed while all of you loved ones are watching the TV for news of whether we are going to be washed away.

Pretty exciting stuff. Or Not.

At least it's comforting that they are close by. Again, Or Not.

Here's what i find interesting.

We have roadside speakers strategically placed all over the island to alert us in the case we need to evacuate for a possible Tsunami. Most speakers look just like that, speakers--just on top of a tall electrial pole. Well, there is one special one on Ft. Weaver Rd. that they (i'm not sure who "they" is) have made sure to make it more aestetically pleasing being that it shares ground with a golf course and is practically in the backyard of a few very lucky Ewa residents. Here is what it looks like...

A PALM TREE! It's amazing. Ok, so maybe not amazing, but kinda funny. Take a closer look below and notice how they even did their best to mimic the tree's bark..and the palm frawns...they're metal! Crazy. I wish whoever did this would spend a little time and money on putting a playground/park within walking distance of my house. Some of these artistic palm trees would look great up beside a couple of swings and a slide, yes?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Dilemma

Growing Hair is a bit stressful at times...okay, maybe i'm being a bit dramatic, but if i am being honest the kids hair was seriously annoying me and i'd change my mind every 5 seconds on whether i was gonna cut off the craziness or just suffer through it, let it grow and then even it out later when it's all longer. the end the crazy hair got to me and i just had to cut it off. So....

Goodbye rattail... hello even neckline..and it already looks so much thicker, yes?and...goodbye scary stringy mohawk gone wrong party bangs
and hello once again short and sweet boy cut...oh holden will the rest of your hair ever grow?

and just so you know the first hair cut, by yours truly was less sentimental and more therapeutic ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lunch and The Park

Today we went to lunch at Nico's on Pier 38. We've heard some good things about this place and have been wanting to try it out. It's right by the fish market and all the shipyards. We've been here 5 years and didn't even know this place existed until recently. They offer all the normal local grinds, as well as fresh fish served restaurant quality for a very low cost. Mike and I were both impressed and are already looking forward to going back and trying some other things.

This time we both ordered the catch of the day--pan seared opah with a tomato cream sauce, rice and mac salad. We also got a peanut butter stack for desert and it was yummy!

after lunch we took the kiddos to the park--this one is fenced in and only for kids under 6. perfect for little ones to run around and not get hurt!