Monday, February 1, 2016


Oh, Macky.  I'm writing this one to you.  I'm a little behind here.  Enough behind i'm not exactly sure what was going on when you were 10 months.  I got some cute pics of you though even though it was impossible to keep you still. You're a happy boy and so fun to be with.  You are a great mix of both curious/ willing to explore while still being snuggly and all baby-like.  Everywhere I go people comment on your reddish hair and how good you are--"angel baby" is a term bouncing around the church nursery :) I have to agree!

I do know that right around this time you started really saying some words.  It was an explosion really.  All of sudden you were saying Momma, Daddy, more, all done, brother (or some form of it), night night, bath, and more.  Also around this time you really took a liking to bouncing.  Which is what you're doing in the pictures below.  You think it's absolutely hilarious to bounce in your chair or on our tummies and we think it's hilarious watching you laugh about it.

So Macky, your family, all 4 of us, we adore you.  And i'm sorry i didn't keep such detailed records of all of your little habits and accomplishments.  Guess it just takes a little more time taking care of four littles and as i'm trying to just soak it all in not as much is getting written down.  Love You Baby and love all the sweet moments you've brought to my life.