Friday, February 27, 2009

Third verse, same as the first,
They're almost all home
and we're so excited we could burst!

Last night we welcomed home 3 more husband's--Jake, Jason and Joe. So glad to have them back!
Jake and Hillary

Joe and Kelly

Jason, Lyndsay, Alexandria and Baby Christian (in the belly!)

The Paparazzi

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Round 2: Welcome Home Jordan and Bryan!

Last night Mike and went back to base to welcome home two more friends, Jordan and Bryan. I wish I could explain the energy in the hanger, it's so awesome to see so many people excited and truly happy! If it didn't invovle our husbands being gone again, we joke we could do this welcome home thing every night!

Monday, February 23, 2009

First Na Keiki Outing

Our church's childrens program, Na Keiki, had its first outing yesterday. We took them bowling and the to McDonalds. It was a very fun afternoon, but Mike and I were pooped when it was all over. Here are a few pictures from bowling.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Single Soldier Baskets

The past few days have been wonderful having Mike back. We have been taking it easy, not doing too much so he can rest and recover. Mike did have to report to formation this morning and will start his outprocessing on Monday. This process will take a few weeks to complete and his schedule will be different day to day.

Right now, Mike is taking a nap and I am using this time to catch up on watching LOST and a little blogging.

I want to say thank you for all who helped send items/money for our single soldiers who are coming home from deployment. For those of you who don't know, our Batallion has been collecting donations to make a basket for every single soldier coming home to live in the barracks. The basket contains bedding and pillows, hygeine products, food, notes, gift cards, and anything else anyone wanted to include. Many of these single soldiers will not be able to get to their things or their vehicles for a few days and these baskets are supposed to provide the things that they will need immediately, plus let them know that we appreciate what they have done and are glad they are back safely.

I have been so touched at the generosity of me friends, family and church. Many of you gave so much to these soldiers who you don't know at all. I delivered 18 baskets from you all and I am so greatful to have such wonderful, giving friends and family. Especially after going to a homecoming ceremony and seeing how wonderful and happy a time it can be, I can also see how it might be confusing and lonely for the soldiers who had no one there to greet them and no home to go back to. So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to help brighten these soldiers day!

Thanks to Kim for helping me shop, haul and put together these baskets!
You were my lifesaver!

15 baskets delivered in one day

Thursday, February 19, 2009

homecoming pics

I have just posted all the pics from the homecoming ceremony last night. Check them out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's Home!

More pics to follow, but right now we are going out for breakfast and to enjoy the day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deployment Over

FYI: Mike is on his way home--he should be here at 11:45pm HST as long as nothing else is delayed. I just got a message from him and he said they are in Alaska waiting for a flight.

If you would like to keep up with the arrival you can go to . He is on Chalk #2. This time will be updated until 2 hours out, so you can watch for yourself to see if things change.

Check back soon and i will post his arrival/ceremony pics.

My 3 Valentines

Valentine's Day Weekend was spent with my 3 favorite girls and we had a great time.

Saturday we went whale watching on a boat off of Waikiki. It was a beautiful morning, and although no whales actually breached, they did surface, spout out water, and flip their humongous tails. This was a trip a year in the making since we had tried to go last year but didn't make it. This year we were determined to do it since everyone is leaving this summer.
On the boat with the girls

That night we went to dinner at church. The youth put together a wonderful meal for the church. They cooked, waited tables, decorated, played music and put together slideshows for us. They even gave each of us single ladies a rose. It was very sweet and fun--i hope they do it again next year so Mike can come too!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

So this is the hot new thing to do on facebook. At first it was just another waste of time thing we all do, but then i was very intrigued by the things people chose to tell about themselves. So here are my random 25 things. Hope you enjoy!

1. I don't like milk eggs or tomatoes, but I wish I did--it would make my life easier

2. I want to run a bed and breakfast one day when this military life is all over

3. Living in Hawaii is great but I really miss wearing awesome boots and coats

4. One of my favorite things to do with Mike is go to Walmart in the middle of the night to get a surprise and then hit up McDonald's for big macs and milkshakes

5. I love playing games--I wish I could have a job where that is all I did

6. I still feel like I am a teenager, that is until I actually have a conversation with one and realize I definitely am not a teenager anymore--but I still don't feel like an adult either--I wonder if I ever will?

7. I love to read and watch movies--this escape from reality is the best therapy

8. I'm the crazy girl you notice in the car next to you when you are stopped at a stoplight who is singing at the top of her lungs

9. I pop my knuckles and my toes...a lot

10. When washing my clothes, I separate into color families, cools, warms, very darks, whites with designs, and all white…

11. I have never been interested in having guy friends, with the exception of a few, I don't understand them and they just irritate me…but I can't imagine my life without all the wonderful girlfriends I have had.

12. I love to be touched, especially on my face and head

13. I am very organized--but only with the things that aren't out in the open, like my spice cabinet, refrigerator, closet, DVDs and CDs--everything else I can't keep organized if my life depended on it.

14. I have a different shampoo/conditioner set for every day of the week in my shower

15. I would like take flying lessons

16. I once tried to grow an herb garden and some pretty hawaiian flowers in our yard, I wasn't very good at it and they died…and I cried about it a lot. Now I am not allowed to have plants, so says my husband.

17. I hate touching anything wet--other than the liquid itself

18. I would like to have a tattoo--but I have yet to come across something that was important enough to me that I would actually tattoo it on my body.

19. I want a huge family and secretly covet John and Kate's life

20. I am not as strong as you think I am

21. I love pretty things much more than I wish I did and I wish material things didn't matter so much to me. I am constantly striving to be content in my life despite of my possessions.

22. This is my favorite number ever...and my wedding date

23. I hate monotony and have a hard time sticking to routines

24. I excel at hosting/cooking mexican fiestas--it's my specialty

25. From the time I first met Mike I knew he would always be in my life--we may have been young, and I certainly couldn't have predicted how wonderful things would turn out, but we just fit--he makes me a happier and better person. I truly believe God made us for each other.

What's your 25???