Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Favorite Place on Earth

Last week, before the Memorial Day Weekend rush, Katie, Heather, the kiddos and I went to Fort Caswell for a few days to relax, visit friends and hit the beach.  The weather was perfect, the kids were in great moods and we had a great time.  It was right before summer staff started showing up, and that really brought back memories of my first summer on staff 11 years ago now!  whoa.  Still one of my most favorite places, and what better way to spend it than with some of my favorite people :)

our first evening there we went to the visit the beach --this is right where Katie and Tim got engaged 
although water play wasn't planned, it's impossible keeping two excited two year olds out of the water!
"i'm WET mommy!"
a beautiful sunset by Little Pier

with my tired little ones
beach the next day was beautiful.  the kids have new chairs and Nora like to sit in hers just like the big girls did. 
Holden and Auntie Heather caught butterfly clam shells--he was very excited!
watering the sand with Nanny KK

they totally rock, yes?

snack time--using shovels as bowls 
after nap, we we played on the playground for a bit and Nora went down her first big slide on her own with no prompting or help.  impressive for my timid one!

then we ate at Prov Co with Yam.  Yummy as always of course!

another pretty sunset
before leaving the next day, we went into Southport for hotdogs, ice cream and to explore a bit.  Kids had their first trolly stop corn dogs

we saved a bit of the corndog batter for the birds...Holden enjoyed chasing them...that is until i got stung in the foot by a yellow jacket and realized the whole field was covered in them.  Heather quickly scooped up the kids while Nurse Katie quickly pulled out a credit card to remove the stinger.  did you know that you could do that?

sitting on the swings while my bum foot recovered--a great time to get a pic with Katie before we parted.  of couse she moves to Louisiana just as i move to North Carolina.  We will forever live away from each other it seems....unless we decide to all move back and retire to Southport.   that would be perfect.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

did you know?

i thought this was funny...i may miss many things from HI, but the traffic (and the awful "aloha" driving) isn't one of them!

Worst Traffic in America

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zoo Trip #2

We took another trip to the zoo last week with Pop Pop to the North America side this time.  It was another nice day--not too crowded or hot.  Those are the best for the zoo. 
sadly this is blurry, but so cute i had to post it anyway.  that aligator was huge and looked completely fake. 

watching the turtles swim

 we stopped at the playground, Nora wasn't into it as usual, but Holden loves to slide!

 riding a bison!
watching the geyser  
  Nora didn't want to be too close
and on the way out we saw a little snake roaming free around the geyser.  dad and i thought it would be  pretty funny if the snake was crawling across the geyser right when it shot off and would send the snake flying.  it didn't happen...but it woulda been cool, yes?

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Day Meow Lost A Life

First Meow was happy, riding in the front of the bike...
and the next thing you know, DISASTER!
Meow was saved, but i'm pretty sure he's down to 8 lives now...assuming the washing machine doesn't take away a life :/

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I've got a bunch of random pics for you.   These past few weeks have flown by really.  When I first got to NC, i thought this would be a long month waiting on Mike to come home, waiting to move into our house, waiting to get our vehicles.  But i ended up moving in early and have been unpacking the past week, we're going to the beach for a few days at the end of the week, Auntie Jenn is coming to visit this weekend, mike gets home next tuesday and we will be permanently living in Fville. Crazy!

 having lunch with their animals
playing outside is their fave
mommy time
Nora trying to swipe Nana's purse
Auntie Megan came to visit
giving sister a ride
San Felipe's!!!!!!!!!!!
this girl loves her chips and salsa
wearing Grandma's shoes
 i love it when they are sweet to each other!
 watching TV with their backpacks on
 the only seats in our new house...kids are loving playing in them though!
 this is what you call a good friend!  Heather, cleaning my baseboards!

found Daddy's hat
the house has a LOOONNNGGGGGGG  way to go, but i did buy a new duvet cover.  nice and summery, yes?  i need a new blanket and pillows to go with it...and curtains and some paint and maybe some lamps...haha.  "need" ;)