Tuesday, June 16, 2009

just a quick hi and update

Hello. Mike and I have spent the past 2 days with Mike's brother Kevin and his girlfriend Megan who live in Alden (near Buffalo) NY. THANKFULLY, I am feeling much better than I was even 5 days ago and we have had a great time. We have been to Niagara Falls, Toronto and to a drive thru safari in Canada. I will post more about each later when i have access to the pictures we took. But for now i will leave some sneak peaks from shots with Kev's camera.

We are headed to NYC in the morning, just Mike and I for 3 days. Both of us have never been and we are very excited. I just pray that God continues to look after us and that I am feeling well so that we can enjoy our time together.

Kevin and Mike at Niagara Falls--looking at the American side
With Kevin, Megan, Josh and Amanda
CN Tower in Toronto, Canada--tallest building in the world

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy June

I happened to look at the calendar this afternoon and saw that it was June 1 and was a little shocked. This past month has moved by somewhat in a blur of good and bad moments. We have been super excited with the news of our pregnancies but also these babies have been kicking my tail and most days are spent just laying around at home in a constant state of motion sickness.

I really had some high hopes for this month--My birthday weekend, Memorial Day, the military ball and Waikiki weekend, end of the year parties at school with my favorite preschool, and then just spending time with my friends who will all be leaving this summer--but in all honesty i am just trying to making it through this 1st trimester. Thankfully the end of this will be the start of the best part of our lives.

Whenever i am feeling okay, we find ourselves in baby stores checking out what Hawaii has to offer, which sadly isn't very much. We are trying to get a good idea of what we want/need and if we need to make any of these purchases during our visit to the mainland in a few weeks. We have picked out what we want for the nursery furniture and are currently knee deep in double-stroller research. Seriously, who knew picking out a stroller would be so complicated?? Some of these strollers are like pushing around a small vehicle. If you have any good recommendations I am ALL EARS.

As far as food goes....I am constantly hungry, but nothing ever sounds good to eat. I have wanted nothing to do with ground beef, grilled chicken, fish, most fruits and mushrooms and lettuce. If it does sound good it's either an icee or some greasy starchy food that i probably shouldn't be eating anyway. So whether it is all those curly fries or just the 2 growing babies in my belly I am 9 weeks along and definitely showing. My clothes certainly don't fit and I am considering never putting on pants again until after these 2 babies enter the world.

Mike has been a blessing during all this. He deals with my food cravings/aversions and doesn't eat near me the things that gross me out. He has also been super understanding about all the time spent at home instead of out with our friends. The funniest thing though is he has taken it upon himself to be my personal dietitian...although early on he leaned not to question the bad things i want to eat (he just merely comments that he hopes the 2nd trimester I can eat a bit healthier...which i would like to agree as long as the nausea subsides) but he is also constantly monitoring my vitamin intake. He even bought me this monster pill box with the days of week on it and keeps it stuffed for me and checks it every day to make sure i have taken everything. Although a little frustrating at times (cause sometimes all those pills they have me on make my stomach turn as much as some foods) I know he is just trying his best to take care of the 3 of us and we love him for that. He's going to be a great daddy.

As I said, we are actually going to be back on the mainland in 2 weeks. We are excited to see everyone--especially Mike since it has been so long since he has been home. In the next few days i will post a little more about our plans and where we will be heading on our trip. So again, HAPPY JUNE! Hope it is a great beginning to your summer and can't wait to see many of you soon!
9 weeks old, different sizes because of where the picture was taken--actually both measuring on target, about an inch long now and heartbeats at around 170--last week they kinda looked like puppies, this week they are bigger and rounder and look like pigs with wings, especially the one on the left..haha
me at 9 weeks, i really am gonna be huge i think
cribs we picked out, originally wanted to use my old crib--but with 2 babies things have changed, i need everything to match, so we will just hold on to my old one and maybe we can use it again one day
matching changing table

us at the ball, i didn't feel good at all and only stayed for the formal portion of the event--you can't tell because i had long since kicked them off, but i did have on some pretty awesome purples heels