Friday, December 31, 2010

12 Month Update

It's the last least for awhile!

Okay so this is the latest one yet...maybe so late no one is gonna read it, but it will be here for posterity..and for the babies whenever they want to come back and see what was going on during the twelfth month of their life. Very Important Stuff.

Actually my favorite part of this whole post is the picture sequence. Each month on the 30th I have taken the babies pictures. At month 10 it started getting a little tricky as they started to move around some. Month 11 was even worse, but we still got a good picture or two. Month 12 was a disaster (a hilarious one, but still a disaster). They wouldn't sit still AT ALL! As I look back at each month's pictures what's most apparent to me other than the obvious growth of my babies into children, is their emerging personalities. They definitely aren't lacking in that department!

Mom, we don't want to do this!

how do we get outta here?he's touching me!help he's gonna squish me!that'll show you brother!escape artistsstop stepping on me Holden!i told you no more pictures mom!ahh! i surrender!totally stuckuh-huh...shoulda followed me brotherhmm...what to do now?should i try and jump off the back?mmm..probably not a good ideaoh mom, are we done yet?Hey mom, i've just been over here being a good boy not messing up anything while you have been taking pictures of nora, i promise!

~Nora Grayce Burns~
She's moving and cruising like a pro, but doesn't like to get too far out of sight. I appreciate this, A LOT. Except of course when I have things to do and am back and forth from room to room and she screams and cries because i have left her alone. I will be more than thankful for her to outgrow that!
Eating has been a little rough lately. The super good eater I had a few months ago is more like a memory. She's very inconsistent with food. Some days she hardly eats anything, some days she eats everything. One day she'll love something, the next day she will spit the exact thing out. Feeding time isn't exactly the easy fun part of my day like it once was. Welcome to Toddler-hood, or so I hear, right? Since being home we have introduced a few more new foods--the most important being biscuits from Bojangles and San Felipe Mexican food. Both of which were a big hit. Also, she got her first sugars this month, first with the birthday cake that she really didn't seem to like, and then again with snow cream. She LOVED that.
She has started to really enjoy reading. She loves to sit and look at books as well as be read to. She even has her own "reading" voice she uses when looking at books. It's the sweetest thing i've ever heard.
Nora has really turned into a cuddle-bug lately. She loves to sit with me, and kiss me and snuggle up. I never expected this kind of behavior from her, but i love it with all my heart.
Nora's Likes Include:
Bath Time
Nora's Dislikes Include:
Nose Wiping
Waiting to Eat
~Holden Reece Burns~

Holden has been growing like a weed since we got back to North Carolina. He has most definitely gone through another growth spurt...i'd love to get him back to the clinic to get his weight and measurements!

Holden has really perfected his movements since this month as well. He can get wherever he wants to and he is into EVERYTHING. He is curious about everything, never misses a beat, has to look at and touch everything and unlike his sister has no problem leaving everyone's sight and getting into a little trouble. Grandma and Grandpa Caudle call his roaming "security detail". They even made him a cute SECURITY shirt to wear.

He's also quite destructive. He tears up everything in his way...there's no grace to this little boy, and that's really what he is--ALL BOY.

He also loves to cuddle and be close to me, but that is nothing new. What is new this month is all the men he has been able to be around. He really does love other men. It's so cute to watch him interact with them. I just can't wait for it to be time to hang out with his Daddy!

Holden still has a great appetite and eats almost everything. For this I am so grateful. I hope it lasts!

Holden's Likes Include:

Bath Time

Holden's Dislikes Include:

Going to bed
Waiting to Eat

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Huerta/Rackley Wedding: The Last One

The last of my college besties got married in December. Amanda was a beautiful bride and the wedding was a lot of fun. As usual it was wonderful to catch up with the girls as well as have some time away just having fun being "jessi" instead of "mommy".

I also have to send a big shout-out to Carol and Keith (Mamaw and Papaw) for watching the twins while I was at the wedding. You guys were great and I appreciate it so much!

Miss Fiesta being her usual self!

the "maids"--love this picture, good job Meggo!
Meredith Girls for Always!
JessiBessy, DeeDee, Miss Fiesta, Meggo, and Tata

Sicky Day

This is a little old now, but i found the pics and can't help but devote a little bloggy to it.

We were having some trouble with Nora vomiting before we came home and had to have some blood taken. Everything came back looking normal, and eventually she quit throwing up, but the blood taking experience was about the most awful thing we've had to do thus far--both in her own life as well as in my life as a mommy!

The poor little girl's arm is so teeny tiny and there are definitely no veins in sight, it took 4, yes that is right, 4 sticks to hit a vein. And then, it wasn't even just a stick, but digging and searching with the needle in her little arm. I have never heard her scream quite like that and she has definitely done some screaming in her little life. I held it together for 2 sticks but with the third i was crying too as she was looking at me while i was holding her down like "mom, why are you letting them do this?"

The nurses finally called in some specialist from another part of the hospital. He thankfully was successful on the first try...i don't think mine heart, nor Norabird's little arms could take it anymore.

Here's her aftershot pictures so that everyone else can feel sorry for her too.

those eyes can just break your heart...

All Wrapped Up

The twins wanted so badly to help with wrapping i gave in.
They were so "helpful", yes?

Hanging Out with Nana

Nana has been so nice to keep us some while Mommy has other things to do. We're a handful but she does a pretty good job with us, don't you think?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Our First Snow! she gets crazy hair from her toboggan!

view from the carport
front of the new house
from the woods

Christmas #4- Burns Family

Our last Christmas celebration was the day after Christmas with the Burns Family. We woke up this morning to a lot of snow on the ground--a great morning for being lazy and resting after our long day on Christmas. After naps the babies and I went to Grandma Burns house to see all the family and play some Dirty Santa!
Nora in her adorable snowday outfit!
i love this hat on HRB
the twins finally met Uncle Kevin!
Grandma's Kids.....ll acting like 'kids'! Poor LouAnn with snow down her back!
Uncle Scott and the twins
Gary and Eric being, well, Gary and Eric!
Grandma's Grandkids and Great-Grandkids
the great grandkids: Madison, Nora, Cameron, Caitlyn and Holden