Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Flipagram

cause everyone else is doing it of course :)

December Dump

lots of random pics this month :)

i made christmas signs for my coffee group's giveaways--i kept one for myselft!

 this one i kept :)

Davis started taking books to holden and sitting in his lap so that H would read to him...melt my heart! 
 Nora and Grandma painting nails 
 these little cuties showed up for a playdate dressed like twins!

 how Davis makes it though errand day....eating Auntie Annie's on our last stop at Walmart
 my babies all asleep in the car...and all leaning the same way!

 we celebrated Adelyn turning 4
 batman, batwoman, batgirl, batdog?
 everyone hanging out with Baby Judah

cheese :)
 what decorating a tree with kids is like....two ornaments on the same branch...  whenever you move one, another one appears....the efforts to fix it are futile
 oh, i like this kid
 just a little Christmas wonder
and a little Christmas Mischief 
a little lunch date with my sweet girl
 Nora helped me make Cookie Jars for the neighbors and teachers, she's a great help
 delivering goodies to the neighbors  
yes, there is a birthday hat on N's head (for jesus of course :)
 more snuggles
 Christmas Eve present 

Christmas Eve set up...the kids are blessed
 playing hard, being superheroes (said Nora)
 just a big baby 

learning a little piano with Grandma
 what?  the shepherds didn't ride Gators?
 missing his Daddy
 Riding their new Santa gifts :)

Davis loves to push anything around, but it's cutest when he's pushing babies :)
 Do you know how much i love this child?
 and this silly one, too
 visiting Great-Grandma Barbee
Caitlyn, Cameron, Holden, Nora and Madison
 D prefers pushing his car for now...doubt that will last long
 this little girl finally tried on her new earrings--she was terrified it would "pinch" again.

Monday, December 30, 2013


i see these on pinterest all the time.  i could use a better editing program to deal with the shadows on the faces...but still, i thought they turned out pretty cute :)