Monday, January 31, 2011

Pears for my Pair

Yes, we are back in Hawaii...and i have stories to tell, but not now.

First I would like to tell you a funny about my kiddos.

Saturday morning we went straight to the commissary to get some food, since after 7 weeks of being gone, the cupboards are frighteningly empty. *a shout out to my girl, MB for getting a few of the necessities for us before we got home, You Rock! *

Anyway as I was saying, we were at the commissary and all was going well when about halfway through Nora starts whining. It was a busy morning at the store, as most Saturdays are so I had been much more focused on weaving in and out of the crowds and getting my food in the cart than I was worried about what the kiddos were doing while safely strapped in their stroller. Wrong again Mommy.

I look down to see what Nora is fussing about and she is trying to get a hold of a half-eaten pear that Holden has somehow acquired along the way. First of all, i have no idea when Holden got the pear or from where. Second of all he was a complete mess. Thirdly, he had eaten it from the top skinny part down, meaning that he ate the stem as well as the core.

So, what's a mom to do in this situation? Just go back and get the other kiddo a pear so she'll stop whining and deal with the mess once we're back to the car.

It was a good plan really. Nora really just picked at hers though, but was happy none the less. and by the time we got to the check out counter, Holden didn't have one scrap to show for the pear he just ate..minus the mush all over his outfit. He literally ate every single part. Don't worry though, we did find the little sticker in his seat though, i guess he didn't think it tasted that good.

I will say though that this was the messiest i have EVER seen one of my kids and the fact that we were out in public was a bit embarrassing. Holden was definitely that DIRTY kid that you see when you are out in a store and then look at their parent like "seriously?? can't you take proper care of your kid?" yep. that was us. I really felt like i needed to explain the situation to whoever gave us the funny eye.

Needless to say Holden rode home in his skivvies.

Enjoy the pictures.
Nora whining about Brother's pearHolden worried i'm gonna take it awayDisgusting. What?trying it out

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Road Home

Since i'm only gonna get about 3 hours of sleep tonight, i thought, "heck, what's a few more minutes for a blog update?" yes, you should feel special now.

Anyway tomorrow we are leaving NC after 7 great weeks to head back to Hawaii. We will be taking a small detour to Seattle, WA area to visit with some friends and take a breather from the long plane ride.

This weeks schedule will go something like this:

Tuesday morning leave RDU and arrive in Seattle that afternoon. Spend Wednesday and Thursday with friends and leave Friday morning for Honolulu. Should arrive HI in the evening on Friday.

Blogs may or may not follow for a while. But for now I will sleep.

Here's a Movie Monday for you too. Update on NGB walking.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little more MC

Some of my Meredith College girls got to come over one more time the other night. As always, it was a fun night. Amanda (aka Mrs. Rackley) got to meet the babies for the first time, Michelle got to meet Holden for the first time, and Auntie Megan just got to love on them a little bit more!

Michelle and Holden showing off their scrunchie faces i love this one of my stinker

Amanda and Nora

Meggo and HRB
everyone...and HRB's evil eyes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Discovering Outside

The kiddos are really starting to discover the joys of the outdoors. Nora points to the doors and windows constantly and says something that sounds a lot like "side" (outside). This past Sunday Grandpa was out"SIDE" with unlces Gary and Dane and the kiddos couldn't stand to be left out...but it was too cold to go out. That didn't stop them from standing at the door begging the entire time.

So cute!
I love this video too...check out how they are actually playing "together"... it just warms my heart--even when they are being mischievous!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Flick

Showing today is the preferred way to get around each other...Holden stays still, Nora holds onto his back...very practical!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures and Updates

Hello all! I just went back and wrote the twins 12 month update. Also i have posted their 11 month photos and Thanksgiving photos on the pics website. I have much more to add, check back later. Until then, enjoy these.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look What We're Learning to Do!

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but really wanted a video. Finally got one this past weekend...

The kiddos have been taking small steps here and there for the past few weeks. Nora took her first few steps the day we got to North Carolina. Of course she didn't know what she was doing and once she figured it out she went right down to her crawling position.

Holden took his first steps about a week later, but same as Nora it just happens when he "isn't" thinking about it.

This past week though Nora has gotten much more brave. She is taking small steps from object to object as well as letting go of things and standing on her own. I really think it won't be long now.

Check out these videos from New Year's Eve of my "almost-walker-girl"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Glimpse of 2010

What change a year can bring!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Movie Monday

Finally riding our Christmas presents!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

The kiddos and I, (btw: the babies, are in all honesty, no longer BABIES, so i will now be calling them "kiddos"--just in case you wanted to know :) Anyway, as i was saying, we rang in the New Year in Fayetteville with our Hawaiian Ohana, the Sweatlands, Howells, Davises (minus Mark) , and Loars.
We all met in Hawaii and spent 3 years together celebrating holidays, enduring deployments and exploring the islands together. Crazy enough, we were almost all close by for New Year's and were able to spend it together. Of course we missed Mark and Mike, but Carrie was an acceptable date!
Party in the Tub!
Carrie and I remaking some old silly pictures--look: here and here
~she was my date for the night~

Uncle Jordan teasing Norabird
hanging out with Auntie Carrieour hosts and cleanup crew...Team Sweatlandand here they are giving Jack his New Year's Eve Kiss....Jack was teething this weekend and took his "chewing spoon" everywhere with him! and Kim may very well stop being my friend for this, but i am risking it anyway...
she got an infection in her eye and looked a little silly....
i only tell you this because, i love this picture with all my girls and needed to explain Auntie Kim's look so she wouldn't be mad...are you Kimsy?
When you are forced to spend the holiday without your i often am, what better way to make the best of it than to get sloppy New Years kisses from the kiddos?

i do love them so!
the babies New Year's Eve ended as usual with the "Going to Bed Book" is their favorite!