Sunday, February 28, 2010

What starts with "T" and rhymes with "your mommy" ???

you guessed it...TSUNAMI!

What a day!! It really seems that EVERY TIME Mike is gone, there is a minor disaster, or a threat of one at least. We'll start with the first year we were in HI Mike was on a training mission at PTA and there was a earthquake on the Big Island that knocked out power and all phone service everywhere very suddenly and basically sent the island in panic mode. Then about a week after he deployed for Iraq in '07 we had a big storm that again knocked out power most everywhere and caused lots of flooding, damage and road closings, and then of course was today's tsunami warning.

Although nothing came of it, once again i found myself running around making sure that everything was in order and safe except this time i had an extra two babies and a grandmother to take care of too! i mean, where's a husband when you need him??

Today was certainly interesting-there were moments of high stress and emotions followed by moments of practicality and calmness. It all started at about 3 am when my step mom called to tell me what was going on. As I am sure you have all experienced, late night calls are NEVER good, and with all the things i was imagining her to say, the threat of a tsunami in 8 hrs was actually a bit of first anyway.

As soon as we got off the phone, i woke up my mom and we immediately started packing to leave. With threats of flooding, i got to put into action that dreaded question that goes through your mind from time to time..."what do you save when your house is on fire??" Although they are just "things", these things in your house are what makes your house a home, what holds all your memories and your's quite a stressful situation to have to deal with.

So, "what did i grab" you ask? Well for starters the computer and external hard drive, then all the documents in the safe (diplomas, marriage and birth certificates, social security cards, passports, insurance papers, etc), my good and meaningful jewelry, the PETS, and my froggie (that's right babe, no leaving him behind!). Of course i did try to move other important things upstairs and as high as i could just in case, but there is only so much room in the cars and it is just "stuff" ya know?
Anyway, besides those things mentioned above, i had to also think about all the necessities we would need for an undetermined and possibly LONG amt of time. With the babies now, i basically just packed some clothes for myself and left the rest of the room in the suitcases for the babies --diapers, wipes, clothes, medicines, blankets, binkies, blah blah blah...because really if your baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy--i even went as far as to bring the swing with us! Although like a dummy i forgot to bring batteries for it and of course they had died just the night before for the first time since the babies were born--which leads me to the next topic...

My first official "emergency supply run" in the height of a whole island in panic mode. See, being that my house is just 5 ft above sea level and a mile from the ocean, we were in the evacuation area. So we packed up and headed to base to stay with my friend, Tracey, and wait out this looming disaster. As thankful as i am to have had a place to stay, it's quite inconvenient to be away from your home with all its supplies and food. These were the things i had not quite thought about in my rushed evac trying to beat traffic. So i head to the commissary (or grocery store, for you civilians out there) to grab a few things we need, D batteries for that swing being my number 1 concern! Oh, oh, oh, can i just say how incredibly crazy the commissary was!!!! i mean i expected busy...i was not expecting this--no parking spaces, no shopping carts, no spaces to walk down the aisles, FRANTIC people EVERYWHERE, constant PA announcements asking everyone to stay calm, be patient and limit the "essential items" so everyone can have some, customers arguing, the longest lines you have ever seen and NO BATTERIES! 2 hours later i walked out of the commissary with 2 bags, sweating and exhausted from all the commotion. I seriously NEVER want to do that again.

When i got back to Tracy's house, we put up the food, searched the house for all forms of battery powered light and candles, and filled all bathtubs, pots and pitchers with water. Whew, what a morning!
And really, i apologize for all this build-up just to abruptly end the story, but that's exactly what it felt like to be us. After that horrible commissary experience and preparing the house, i showered, fed the babies, layed down on the couch to watch the news about our impending doom, fell asleep and then woke up to "House" on the TV with a small news scroll at the bottom of the screen saying the warning had been lifted.

So that was it. Maybe the craziest morning of my life to be followed by nothing. And really, i am thankful. I truly believe God was watching over us and protected us from what could have been a terrible situation. Even though it was a lot of work, i don't regret packing up and moving out at all, i don't even regret going to the commissary-- better safe than sorry, ya know--especially now that i have two sweet but very helpless babies to take care of.

After packing everything back up in the cars, we headed back for our house and it was all very surreal. It was a beautiful afternoon, people were out riding bikes, driving towards the beaches with their surfboards, and there were even people playing in our neighborhood pool when we returned...just as if it was a normal day. And in reality, i guess it was a normal day...we just spent the day acting like it wasn't!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Yucky

So the whole household has been sick with a cold this week..we're getting better, but that's whats been going on, and the reason for the slow blogging week. Hopefully i'll catch up some this weekend. It's totally past my bedtime right now!

Here's a cute pic from today with Grandma and the babies.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hawaiian Word of the Week

yeah i know, its been a long while but i just couldn't resist! (and in reality its a phrase not a word, but bear with me!)

Make Doo Doo;
- i'm not sure that this needs a definition or an explanation--it simply is what it sounds like. If you've been a long time reader of my blog you may have learned that Hawaiian's call pee "shi-shi". I had lots of comments then asking how they refer to poop, and well this is it.

ex: Sarah, you need go make doo doo?

So you ask, "Jess, what makes you feel the need to blog about this?" Well, let me just show you.

My daughter, the epitome of "making doo doo" Yes, i know its long, but stick with it till the end and enjoy all the smiles on the way!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What are YOU wearing?

There's a term these days that you may or not be familiar with...

def: simply holding or carrying a baby or child using a baby carrier

Babywearing isn't really a new concept--just new to our part of the world. Mothers in many of the third-world and developing countries have been wearing their babies for centuries. It's a way of life for them. In America its just now catching on that mothers don't have to stay at home all day with their babies, but can instead just "strap them on" and keep doing the activities they were doing before.

Although it doesn't seem so "foreign" to me, I am almost always stopped or at least stared at while out and about by some concerned or surprised person wanting to know "if my baby can breathe" or if they really "like it in there".

While pregnant (and basically immobile) i spent many hours on the Internet researching, shopping and planning while waiting for my two precious babies to make their appearance. All the beautiful baby carriers quickly caught my eye. I mean, are you even aware of all the different kinds of baby carriers that are available to parents?? I sure wasn't, but let me just say that now, baby carriers are my new purses... they come in all different styles, colors and fabrics and i want them all. Gone is the idea that you have to wear a boring sporty-looking carrier that is unflattering to most new mothers figures as it squeezes in all the wrong you can choose the style that works best for your body, that is also most comfortable for your baby and with the added plus of accessorizing any outfit--and no matter what you say, matching is very important to me!

Not only am i a fan of babywearing for its aesthetics, but also for all the benefits it can provide both mother and baby. Here's a few that are important to me:

1. Bonding: I am sure this is a big point for any baby-wearing mommy, but especially as a mother of multiples, the individual time i am able to spend with my baby while they are in my carrier is priceless. I feel that each day i am just trying to get by and get everything done that needs to get done and i don't get a lot of one on one time with each of my children. Being physically nearer to my babies helps me also feel emotionally closer to them--who doesn't like to be snuggled up with their "little one"??

2. Convenience: Baby carriers allow you to be hands free. I am sure all parents out there know about the days where your little one is just plain having a "bad day". Instead of having to be solely focused on the baby the whole day, baby carriers help the baby feel secure and loved and you can still be hands free. Also as a multiple mom, babywearing allows me to complete necessary tasks like grocery shopping for instance...there's only room for one car seat in the you gotta put your other baby somewhere!

3. Accessibility--Its SO much easier to carry a baby and then push a smaller stroller than lug a big double stroller around. Granted, there is a time and place for a good stroller and i have one i love, but when you are trying to move in and out of crowds and aisles in stores, the baby carrier is my lifesaver!

4. Soothing--baby carriers are instant soothers for my babies. All fussiness and crying immediately stops when i put them in a carrier. For this reason alone, baby carriers are like gold!

5. Exercise--its like weightlifting without actually going to the gym--and much more fun! Also baby carriers make it easy to go hiking. Although we haven't gotten to it yet, once they are a bit older i totally plan to get back out in beautiful Hawaii--we loved to go hiking before and i think it will be even more fun with my babies!

6. Breastfeeding--babywearing makes public breastfeeding much easier and more comfortable and also increases milk production--again another big plus since i am feeding 2!

So far, we own a baby bjorn-synergy (that is Mike's go-to carrier, and it is the more manly of the carriers available), Moby Wrap (which i have only scratched the surface of all the different holds possible), Hotsling (these are beautiful), and then my personal favorite as of now--the Maya Wrap. The Maya is easy and quick to put on, Holden and Nora seem to really get comfortable in it, the material is easy to clean, its super comfortable, and it's very stylish. I personally think i need one in every color! I would also still like to try Baby Ktan and the Mei Tai carriers.
Here we are using some of our carriers.
Maya Wrap

Moby WrapHotsling


Thursday, February 18, 2010


well...not really, just our twins and the Larson triplets dressing alike for their play date! and what a fun day! So lets meet the cast!
Miss Nora Burns Mr. Benjamin Larson

Miss Brooklynn Larson

Mr. Blake Larson

Mr. Holden Burns

The Burns Twins

The Larson Triplets...and their dog Delilah
(and i like this cause it sorta looks like Blake is saying "Praise the Lord!)
from the top...Bumbo time!
"Whatcha doing brother?"
Twins at Heart...Nora and Blake crying again!

DOO TI DOO....just hanging out
all together...we got our own daycare going on here

Holden and Ben have similar dispositions...sweet hearts that love their mommies. They are also the biggest babies of the group! We think they'll be good friends.

Look at those sweet cheeks!
The boys...totally interested in something

Holden looks terrified here...yes?

and here are the girls! I think Nora likes her new friend!

I believe they were watching the Olympics here

Hey babies! whatcha up to?

The girls punching their brothers

The girls are super excited about the photo shoot!


hey mommy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tummy Time

So we've started using our tummy time mats this week. They are not yet noticing the toys and things on the mat and really don't like it at all unless i am on the floor beside them. Holden was having a hard time pushing up and really just wanted to lay his head on the pillow. So i was thinking that we were going to have to spend a lot more time working on this, but then later in the day i was laying on the couch with Holden on my chest and I was talking to him when all of a sudden he took his arms and lifted himself right up so he could see my face while i talked. So apparently it isn't the skill that needs work...he just needs the right motivation--which right now is apparently "Mommy".

The Sweetest Face!
Looking bored

Nora on the other hand is a pro at tummy time. Although she too doesn't really like to do it, when i layed her down she automatically pushed right up. That's how she is though--wants to see everything!

They both really started drooling this week. Yay.

Tummy Time is hard work, even for the pros!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Love Day

A message to Daddy:
Here are some pictures this morning before church with Bears from Daddy
Nora with all her gifts...
Holden with his new Baby Legs...momma thinks he's super handsome in argyle!

*huggin' her bear*
with Holden in the nursery--"momma don't kiss me!"
my sweet boy
Daddy's 2 Valentines

When I asked her how much she loved Daddy...she said "this much!"
and just for kicks and giggles... Nora likes to do movie character impersonations before taking her naps...this is her Rambo impersonation