Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun and Excitement

These past few weeks I have gotten to do many fun and exciting things that I would like to share.

1. Got to see the beach hut set for ABC's LOST. It is currently all wrapped up because they aren't filming and there was a guard right there to make sure no one got in, but it was still cool to see. The orange tarp is where the kitchen/community tent is.

2. Hang out with some awesome sea turtles at my favorite beach in HI.

3. Kayak/Swim with some the dolphins--but not for as long as normal, because of the looming danger from a 16ft (so the papers said) shark that bit a woman the day before. But just so you don't think we were completely nuts...we were told the lady was way far out nosing around in the caves the shark lives in. I don't currently have pics of this one yet--they are on the water camera.

4. Witnessed a perfect rainbow on a beautiful drive home.

5. Snorkeled at the Captain Cook Monument. This is where the Christopher Columbus equivalent to the Hawaiian Islands was murdered in a more than slight misunderstanding by the hawaiian people. This place seriously has some of the best snorkeling around. are on the underwater camera so you will just have to take my word for it.

6. Went Spelunking (Cave Exploring) in an old Lava Tube.

7. Saw my first ever double feature at the $1 theatre--spent more money on the food than the movies!

8. Had Beer-i-Misu (instead of the common tirimisu)--and seriously loved it!

9. Saw a certain LOST character at Hillary's Triathlon--although i will not say who--cause he seems to be very weird about getting his picture taken and being recognized...maybe you can find him in this picture!

10. and most importantly--and the coolest thing ever--I saw lava spewing from the earth as it ran into the ocean. Volcanoes are SO AWESOME!

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megan said...

is that desmond?