Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Happenings

We like to give Daddy a hard time when he's going to work...  Daddy will never be able to leave with this big girl blocking the door ;)
and then sometimes we wait on the porch when he's on his way home.  On this day i was cooking dinner and couldn't wait, but Nora held down the fort steps, waiting for Daddy. 
 They sure do love him
 and these brothers really love each other
 The twins started soccer a few weeks ago.  They were very excited for all their new soccer gear.  They seem to be having fun so far.  My honest opinion is the base soccer program is pretty unorganized...but they are having fun so that's good enough for now. 
 we also celebrated this little one's 2nd birthday.  Emma is just 2 weeks older than D....so that means we're next!  Where are our babies? 
a fun group of kiddos!

  and i hit the halfway mark.... toes still visible!

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