Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Little Home Therapy

The kids and I headed home this past weekend for a break from our house and a little heart therapy after just seeing each other for the past few weeks. It's also Poppy's birthday this week so we celebrated a little early.  His sister who lives in Kansas even flew in to hang out--so we had quite a full house. 

First stop when getting home though was the barber shop.  Holden's hair was getting out of control--and of course we needed a little Pop Pop fix as well. :)  
while Holden, Davis and I were at the barber shop, Nora and Nana were having a Tea Party.  My mom works at a retirement home in town and each friday they have "cake and coffee".  I dropped Nora off at the home with a bag full of goodies so Nana could dress her up.  She is so obsessed with princesses and dresses and all things girly...i knew she'd love having a tea party (as well as being the center of attention with all the residents living there).  Mom didn't have her camera that day--wish i could have seen her--but when i came to pick her up she had a huge smile on her face, a few extra necklaces and a "cutie" that some of the residents had given her. 

The cutie came with instruction to be shared with her brother.  Of course as soon as she climbed in the car it was a source of contention as Holden didn't have one.  I told them they could share it for snack --although i'd like to point out Nora doesn't even like oranges!  Well the minutes she sat it down, Holden grabbed and bit into it--peel and all--hence our sad-faced cutie. 
Big Poppy came by to visit Sat morning and join in on the craziness of play.  Davis even sat still a bit so he could hold him. 
Little D picked up a little cold right when we got into town, and was a little out of sorts about it.  It's a rare sight to see him calmly laying his head on his mat--usually he's very active and all over that thing. 
I got a little while with Mom and Diane to walk through some shops one afternoon.  Davis just hung out in the carrier and slept off and on.  It's also rare for him to fall asleep like that these days.  I loved having that extra snuggle time with my baby--as well as enjoying the beautiful day and some Vitamin D!
Aunt Diane is a book lover...and the kids coaxed her (not that is was hard) to read to them throughout the weekend.  yes, that's a christmas book. 
Nana got quite a bit of Davis time this weekend to give mommy a break...i think she enjoyed it though!

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