Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lotsa Random.

you know you love these posts :)

watching TV upside down.  this kid is always stretching straining and hanging in weird uncomfortable positions.  

 Grandpa came to visit one morning!

"just cookin' somethin momma"

we made some monster feet...cute, but hard to walk in

reading her princess book 

Holden loves his hats!  this one was one of my grandpa's hats.  it's sweet to see it on Holden's head now. 

family movi night snuggles 

 brotherly love/matching new blue shoes

i love this post-nap face.  He's a keeper. 

and then there's this face..haha.  Nora wanted to hug her brother...Holden wasn't really in the mood for it.   

play-napping in the laundry basket

even D loves the Meow.  He got a hold of it one day when N wasn't paying attention...drooled all over it!  Nora was very upset when she noticed how wet Meow was later.  Little Bro already terrorizing his sister!
 Game Time!  (not that i care about the b-ball games, although i do care about these two sweet faces!)

Goodbyes to Daddy before he goes back to school.  

We made a spontaneous visit to the Rackley's last week.  
 Amanda has a zoo in her house!  A cool talking bird, a doggy, and a fun fish tank.  

What happens when you leave a baby alone for a few come back to all of his toys on his face!  Funny Baby!

like i said about the weird positions.  

this past Christmas Mike's grandma gave us an old box of his toys.  the kids love them.  Holden calls them "things".  He tells me he wants to play with "my things".  Cracks me up. 
i love this's a soldier that was turned into a paratrooper.   Crazy to think our kids could actually turn into the things they play with now. 
and if that's the case, then this little girl will grow up to be a Fairy Princess.  This is her pixie dust bag,  not to be confused with her socks ;)

my babies
more typical 
sweet sink baths.  i don't think i'll ever get enough of this beautiful smile. 

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