Wednesday, January 1, 2014


How i spent the last day of 2013....
with my 3 littles.  
The majority of this past year was just the 4 of us.  I guess it's fitting that we end it that way too. 

Lunch at Panera with all of our favorite foods :)
 Pig and the Blankets for dinner
 and cookies for dessert 

an unplanned ouchie dampened little D's night a bit
 he bounced back okay...except when i made him stop so i could ice his swelling eye every 20 minutes. 
Last Family Pic of 2013--before putting D to bed
 i let the twins stay up a while--we watched Brave for the first time and ate lots of yummy snacks.  they were so excited all night...and they don't even know what NYEve is!
 come on 2014!
 monster snack
 after the twins went to bed at a very late 10:30, i watched the #rockin'eve show and rang in the new year with my love over skype. 
It definitely wasn't the most exciting NYE i've ever had and it was probably the only one i've ever spent by myself when the clock hit 12, but honestly, that was okay.  I had a great day with my kiddos, had some sweet conversation with my husband, and the slow paced night was kind of perfect for a change.  For these things i'm so blessed.  Now we welcome 2014...looking forward to seeing my love face to face soon enough and having my family back together. 

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