Sunday, February 9, 2014


January came and went and i really didn't post anything.  BUT we did do's the proof. 

we wore silly hats at PopPop and Grandma's house
 we also met some of our Texan Cousins for the first time
Natalie, Davis, Holden, Nora, Colin, Hank and Owen
 Davis decided to grow up and eat dinner like a big person (at a little table ;)

Nora had lots of conversations and snuggles with Meow
 best friends
 i got a lot of snuggles from this little guy
 I made a special treat for the kids one night...saltines, cheddar cheese and marsh mellows...toasted.  I ate it growing up and now the kids love it too.  So surprisingly good--you must try.   

On the few warm days we've had here and there, we've taken their new bikes out

Holden's pretty much got it under control and even did great breaking 

 This kid had some amazing hair days. 

and with all the cold weather, we've had some amazing play days

our favorite barber made a house call ;)
 we braved the castle park on a cold day ...and nora braved the tight rope 
 this boy just grew even cuter
 and so much more snugglier....melt my heart
 after days inside because of sickies all around...we broke out and had a dinner party at Chili's 
 and the bathtub gang gained a new member
Mini Spidey 
 tickling and blowing raspberries...these boys love each other
 Davis actually watched a little TV, this lasted about 2 minutes...

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