Monday, June 2, 2014

Charleston Day 1

This April we celebrated our 8th anniversary.  This is also our first anniversary ever going somewhere--oh deployments and babies!  What started off as just a concert turned into a weekend in Charleston and we had a great time.  So thankful for friends and family willing to take care of our littles so we Mike and I could have some good quality time together. 
Our first stop was really just for kicks and giggles.  I really wanted to ride a ride and mike wanted to play putt-putt, but none of that is open at 10 am.  So we settled for breakfast at a debatably mexican restaurant and some goofy pictures before heading on our way. 

There are lots of gardens/plantations to see in Charleston, but we opted for one a little outside of the city, in Summerville.  This is where the famous canoe scene in The Notebook was filmed.  You are able to take their boats on a self-guided tour around the swamp at any time.  We had a great time, any hotter, it most likely wouldn't have been enjoyable, but the weather was great and my man basically took my anywhere i wanted to go.  We even got to see a few alligators! 

Next on the plans for the day was our first food stop, another reason we chose the garden in Summerville.  Mike and I like to eat at restaurants featured on Man vs Food/Diners, Drive-in's and Dives when we can.  This place was especially exciting because we love hotdogs!  Although i just knew that i would love the hotdogs, i was expecting to love the pork chop sandwich the most, but it was so good!  We would have loved to have tried some other things, but we rolled out of the place as it was.  

Our choices were house faves, Triple D Pork Chop and the Frank Cuda

really this sandwich was amazing.  i feel like a traitor, being from NC--i should be loyal to Snappy's (Mayberry) pork chop sandwich...but this totally took the cake.  

and then the whole reason for the trip to begin with was Nickel Creek.  Mike and i went to their concert back when we were dating, i believe i was still in high school.  Although we can't exactly remember when we went, we have never forgotten the concert.  It was one of the best i'd ever been to and we were both very excited to get to see them again...and they didn't disappoint!

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