Thursday, June 19, 2014

Charleston Day 3 and Homecoming

The last day of our vacation we decided to spend at Folly Beach, relaxing and soaking in some sun--and again we couldn't have asked for a better day. 

We spent the morning napping on the sand, reading and talking.  Although glorious as it was, we spent a lot of time watching families with their kids and laughing about how weird it was to be on the beach without chasing little ones. 
 We took a break from the sun to grab some lunch, yep we weren't tired of eating yet! This time we settled for a rooftop bar and had fish tacos and margaritas.  Some of my faves! 

After lunch, we shopped around then went back to the beach.  We also went to see Morris Island Lighthouse... which isn't actually an island at all anymore because of beach erosion.  The lighthouse literally sits in the ocean now on a sandbar.  There's a project in place to try and save/restore it.  Maybe sometime we'll come back and get to see it up close in personal :)
 before heading back home, we had one more thing to check off our list...SheCrab Soup.  So we stopped in at Rita's to get a little dinner before driving back.  Loved the atmosphere of this place..a total beach restaurant.  

We got home late that night, so we didn't see our babies until the morning.  It was a sweet reunion though.  

 Of course we got the kiddos some souvenirs.  The boys were especially excited about their pirate gear!

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