Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun with Friends

This month there's a lot of random pictures, so i'm just grouping them up.  Here's some of the kids hanging out with their friends. 

Auntie Megan and Benjamin came to visit us for the day.  We haven't seen Benjamin since he was 6 he's 14 months.  We gotta do better! 

We've gotten a lot of new neighbors in the past few months.  That's been great for the kids.  We meet up on the evenings and let the kids overrun the culdesac. 

With the slightly cooler temps this past weekend/week, this preggo mom took advantage and went to a different park every day :) The nature center has a new park outside, which has turned into our new favorite park to go to.  When we get to hot, we just go inside and look at the animals for a while to cool off.  Our neighbors Riley, Rory and Kayla (mom) joined us on this day.  

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