Thursday, October 16, 2014


One of the main reasons for our trip to the mountains was to celebrate D's second birthday.  Our LittleD is IN LOVE with trains right's his most favorite thing to play with so of course there could be no better place to go than Tweetsie! 

 We had super fun morning at Tweetsie, it was a weekday and a little wet, so there was hardly anyone else there.  Davis had a bit of an emotional day due to a mix of being somewhere new, being off his sleep schedule adn maybe not feeling 100%, but when we were on a train he was a happy boy! 



a 'little' drama about not wanting to sit on the horse...
 a monster spider!

 the kids love riding the rides and daddy and i loved not having any lines to wait in!

picture with Hopper and Porter
 Davis LOVES all mascots/big animal costumes.  He's never scared and always wants to hug them. 
 He also loves real animals so we thought he'd really enjoy the petting/feeding zoo.  
 but this kept happening....the roaming goats would take his cone...the poor kid would "lose it" every time his cone got stolen.  He didn't understand that he had to hold onto the cone and just let them eat the food and of course in normal 2 year old fashion he wanted no help from any of us.  So needless to say, we were "THAT" family in the petting zoo and quite honestly we've thankfully not had a lot of experience with public after about 5 minutes Mike and i just picked up the crying toddler and left to go ride trains, since that's what seemed to be working.  Best Decision of the Day! 
the ski lift was also a fun experience for the kids. 

 There was a sudden downpour during our time at Tweetsie, so we stopped in the saloon to get some snacks and watch the dancers.  The show was pretty "hokey" but Nora thought it was great :)
 talking with the conductor's and learning about how trains "go go"

and of course i couldn't leave without taking a few Old Time photographs..

If there wasn't enough evidence of all the fun we had in the above pictures...these below should be telling! 

Fast asleep still clutching his new train
 even the big kids were worn out!

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