Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Day Davis Turned 2

well..lets start the night before....his last night of being one...tear. 
except there were no tears in this cabin, just a whole lotta laughs and good memories :)

there was quite a bit of wrestling
and bear hugging

his last night of being one, all tucked in with his bed friends 

and then the next morning, my very sleepy two year old still sleeping like a baby. 
i kept trying to get him to say "i'm two".... instead i got this pose...i think he was exercising and this was his "2" pose, haha. 

Before heading to the apple orchard, we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  The intent was to get candles in our pancakes, but they didn't have any candles.  We still sang and did presents though :)

Then that night, almost home from our trip we stopped for dinner and tried to get a candle again...and don't you know this restaurant doesn't do candle either! still we all enjoyed a skillet cookie and ice cream.  

Even if he didn't get to blow any candles out, i still think we had a pretty great day. 

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