Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 (still a month behind)  
Seven Months of Macky

Have I said yet how much we all love this little guy.  He's just so incredibly sweet with a smile that melts your heart every. single. time.  and the older he gets the sweeter his personality becomes.  There's always someone around the house willing to hang out and play with this baby.  

We started off his seventh month by heading to the doctor for a checkup.  Macky weighed 19 lbs 2 oz and 28 in long and he's wearing mainly 9 and 12 month clothes.  He also has more hair than his siblings ever had, and yes it looks a bit reddish in the light. 

As we settled back into life in Iowa and stopped moving around so much Macky started to sleep better again. He also started forming an actual schedule with his naps and eating.  Predictability in babies is always a good thing.  

Eating is still going well.  He sticks to baby food and momma's milk for the moment.  We tried him on real bananas a few times.  He hates them, not sure whether the problem is the taste of the banana or the texture of real food, but for now we stick with jarred mush :) 

He's still on a rolling strike, it drives me crazy.  I'm always having to save him from becoming a beached whale. We officially took him out of the woombie this month.  He still prefers to sleep swaddled, but he's gotta figure out the rolling again, so the extra time trying to move around in the crib will hopefully help.  

Our biggest 7 month news is his two bottom teeth that FINALLY pushed their way through.  The whole house has been thankful for this--a lot more sleep and a lot less fussiness. Oh teeth.  Why must they be such a pain?  

Macky's Likes Include: 
His Paci 
Hanging out with his family 
Being Outside 
Snuggling in the bed with Mommy and Daddy 

Macky's Dislikes Include: 
Being stuck on his tummy 
Being alone 

and some sweet pics of my little one, and a few room sneak peaks as well!

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