Sunday, September 27, 2015

All That August

The Arsenal had a 5K early one EARLY.  Macky and I opted to sleep thru it.  Mike got the other 3 up though (at like 5am) and they all ran the strollers!  Mike did carry Davis a bit, but he did a lot on his own too.   Mike may or may not have bribed them with a treat afterwards...
  our neighbor had a birthday party complete with her very own pony.  nora was in heaven.  i fully expected her to come home announcing that she wanted a horse.  no word of it yet, although it's not her birthday yet either! 

 the weather here has been amazeballs this summer and we've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying it.   i just love this sweet picture capturing a fun evening with my family. 

 Macky "us"ies 

 the twins had swim camp at the Y--their first real swim lessons.  They did a great job, Nora passed the first level and will be ready to move up next time.  Holden needs more work in beginners level, but for a kid who was absolutely TERRIFIED of water a year ago, he came out of lessons voluntarily putting his face under the water.  While the twins had lessons Davis got to play in the water with Daddy one day.  He was SO EXCITED.
 slow mornings of cuddling are the best--and with our new schedules, they're had to come by these days
 bedtime stories with Daddy
 Macky loving his glowworm while watching his aquarium.  How he falls to sleep every night.   Heart.Melted

We have a great children's museum in this city--its a super fun place to spend a free morning or have a play date.  Davis runs from exhibit to exhibit, but Nora and Holden usually really focus in on one thing.  Like Nora and the Veterinarian's Office. She sure loves animals! 
 Macky conversing with his roommates
 and practicing his crawling moves too! 
 Daddy date to the carwash....yep, that's free popcorn while they wait and alone time for Mommy!  Win. Win. 

This sweet duo giving baby Holly a birthday party. I cut them a little cake and got them some candles to make the party more fun! 
 we call this KNOCKED OUT

Macky's first swing at the park.  He is definitely a fan!

and we added a new lizard to the collection, meet Spots our Leopard Gecko.  He's a bit bigger than i liked at first, but he's grown on me.  We've had some trouble with keeping the little anoles alive since we've moved...not sure why, so we thought we'd try a different kind and see how it went. 
 Macky playing with sweet Charlie, our friends new kitty
 on the day before kindergarten officially started the twins spent the whole day outside make believing and playing.  they were so sweet.  can't believe these 5 years have gone so fast.  i could have listened to their sweet laughter all day. 

Our first dentist visit in the QC were a little different than we're used to.  The kids are going to a pediatric dentist and the amount of things to do in that office was insane!  They didn't want to leave! 

 The dentist told me "they had the best oral hygiene of kids their age that he has seen in a long time"  i took that for code to "go get some ice cream" :) 

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