Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life without Daddy

So Mike got to take a vacation--ah hem, i mean business trip a couple of months ago.  To our once home, Hawaii.  To say I was jealous would be an understatement. 

I hate to bore you with his paradise pictures....i mean who wants to see beautiful sunsets, teal blue waters and rainbows? 


He says he worked....I think we need proof. 

 Meanwhile we were over here in good 'ole Iowa, suffering ;) 
But for real.  i know i've done the single mom thing, but this 10 day stint rocked my world.  I don't know if it was 4 kids, living somewhere where we didn't have a huge support system, still just getting used to our new busy fall schedules, or just the stage of life we are currently in.  but geez.  this one was rough.   

You can't tell by this picture, but this day was especially rough.  I failed as a mom at least once an hour and i think Macky fussed/cried the majority of the day. After finally getting the baby to bed, there was no other acceptable way to end the day than to crawl into the bed with my littles and snuggle a while.  A good reminder that a lot of love and a little forgiveness can go a long way. 

The days may have been rough, but there always sweet moments if we'll just look for them.  Like these: 

brothers playing in the bath together for the first time
snuggles in the midst of a fussy baby stage
sibling love and seeing your 'once little ones' step up and really help out when I don't have enough hands 
and then of course, McDonalds drive thru run for breakfast in PJ's/undies and bare feet. 
we made it though.  obviously.  and were SO HAPPY to see daddy walk through the door.  

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