Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quad Cities Balloon Festival

The QC Balloon fest is nothing in comparison to the Carolina one--it was smaller, the balloons didn't actually fly, they just tethered, and there were only about 11 balloons instead of 50+ i'd guess were at the Carolina Fest, but there were definitely some positives of this one too. 

1. Instead of a 3 hour drive it was just a 15 min drive across the river (not a lot of time invested in an event that could be called off because of weather conditions at a minutes notice) 
2. It was free (we paid quite a bit for our family of 5 plus grandparents to go to the Carolina Balloon Fest last year to not even get to see the balloons go up)
3. Easy In and Easy Out. (Don't get me started about the parking at the Carolina one) 

We arrived at the grounds right before dark settled in so we could watch the Balloon Glow.  It's sweet seeing Davis at this one--so amazed at everything.  The first balloon fest we ever went to was when he was 4 weeks old. Check that out here

my silly people

Balloons at night are def on my list of coolest things ever!

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