Sunday, January 31, 2016


let's see if i can remember all the way back to November!  

The USO sponsors monthly father/kid night out's at local Quad Cities establishments.  In November, they got to go skating.  This was the first time at a skating rink for this Burns Trio.  I think they were pretty excited about it!  and I think Mike was pretty brave to take on teaching 3 kiddos to skate at one time! 

yogurt and morning bed head...two morning usuals around these parts. 
speaking of 'bed head'...  of course we had to capture Macky's first bout with it.  It's a Burns Boy tradition! 

Nora so excited about mail from her best friend back in NC 

The kids also had an "engineering project" at school this month.  They had to build a backscratcher (to go along with a story about a bear who had an itch).  They were giving a bunch of supplies to choose from.   In the picture to the left you can see H and N's finished project.  Such a great example of how different they both are.  Holden's is simple, effective and to the point.  I assume he was tasked to use at least 2 objects, otherwise i can hear him now pointed out that the fork would be fine to use on its own.  Nora on the other hand used everything available to her.  Sturdy and effective, it was not, but you can tell she really tackled the project with creativity and abandon.  The picture on the right is a zoomed in shot of how she taped the wadded up rubber band to the popsicle stick.  

We had a bout with a stomach bug in the middle of the most beautiful fall week.  Nora was at school and healthy but my other boys were home.  We decided to break all the rules and venture outside to get some fresh air.  Sometimes that's the best medicine you could take. 

sweet brothers

and hugs for Daddy 
celebrating our favorite Veteran
and an Avett Bros date with my sweetie!
and we were pretty close this time too!

sweet baby Macky stealing my heart all the time...whether he's sleeping in my arms or roaming around outside!

my boys all taking a back together, reminded me of a picture hanging on the refrigerator of my dad and his brothers, so we did a little comparison shot

this is the day this little boy first called me momma.  like those eyes weren't already enough to melt my heart 

and then one evening it snowed...our first Iowa snow!
the next morning we built a cardboard house while we waited for it to warm up enough to play outside

Aliya's Princess/Dress Up Party
morning car line conversations with this little talker 
and a few more shots from the twins birthday

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