Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Big Six

The twins birthday is right around Thanksgiving and that always makes it little bit of a whirlwind...just trying to fit it in/ find a time when everyone is in town and free so we can celebrate.  This year, instead of having one big party, we had a couple small celebrations.

We celebrated with some family friends of ours, as well as Pop Pop and Grandma since they were still in town.  Then on their actual birthday we had a playdate/ice cream sundae party after school with some school friends.  

Davis and Aliya, these two are quite the pair...
school buddies (and some siblings): Amelia, Davis, Owen, Lane, Holden, Blake, Nora and Kinley

and some of their favorite presents
the gift cards were very exciting this year

Kitty Surprise and Holden's first Lego set he put together on his own

that night they had a sleepover...they already share a room, so they shared a bed instead on this night.  i went to check on them later and found them all snuggled up.  love my twinsies! 

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