Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

So this is the hot new thing to do on facebook. At first it was just another waste of time thing we all do, but then i was very intrigued by the things people chose to tell about themselves. So here are my random 25 things. Hope you enjoy!

1. I don't like milk eggs or tomatoes, but I wish I did--it would make my life easier

2. I want to run a bed and breakfast one day when this military life is all over

3. Living in Hawaii is great but I really miss wearing awesome boots and coats

4. One of my favorite things to do with Mike is go to Walmart in the middle of the night to get a surprise and then hit up McDonald's for big macs and milkshakes

5. I love playing games--I wish I could have a job where that is all I did

6. I still feel like I am a teenager, that is until I actually have a conversation with one and realize I definitely am not a teenager anymore--but I still don't feel like an adult either--I wonder if I ever will?

7. I love to read and watch movies--this escape from reality is the best therapy

8. I'm the crazy girl you notice in the car next to you when you are stopped at a stoplight who is singing at the top of her lungs

9. I pop my knuckles and my toes...a lot

10. When washing my clothes, I separate into color families, cools, warms, very darks, whites with designs, and all white…

11. I have never been interested in having guy friends, with the exception of a few, I don't understand them and they just irritate me…but I can't imagine my life without all the wonderful girlfriends I have had.

12. I love to be touched, especially on my face and head

13. I am very organized--but only with the things that aren't out in the open, like my spice cabinet, refrigerator, closet, DVDs and CDs--everything else I can't keep organized if my life depended on it.

14. I have a different shampoo/conditioner set for every day of the week in my shower

15. I would like take flying lessons

16. I once tried to grow an herb garden and some pretty hawaiian flowers in our yard, I wasn't very good at it and they died…and I cried about it a lot. Now I am not allowed to have plants, so says my husband.

17. I hate touching anything wet--other than the liquid itself

18. I would like to have a tattoo--but I have yet to come across something that was important enough to me that I would actually tattoo it on my body.

19. I want a huge family and secretly covet John and Kate's life

20. I am not as strong as you think I am

21. I love pretty things much more than I wish I did and I wish material things didn't matter so much to me. I am constantly striving to be content in my life despite of my possessions.

22. This is my favorite number ever...and my wedding date

23. I hate monotony and have a hard time sticking to routines

24. I excel at hosting/cooking mexican fiestas--it's my specialty

25. From the time I first met Mike I knew he would always be in my life--we may have been young, and I certainly couldn't have predicted how wonderful things would turn out, but we just fit--he makes me a happier and better person. I truly believe God made us for each other.

What's your 25???


tetterm said...

I am boycotting the "25 Random Things" I got all the way down to number 13 and I pressed save and it deleted EVERYTHING. and i had some really clever stuff going on. I was so MAD!!!!!!!!!! I feel like Stephanie Meyer.

Amanda said...

i'm boycotting it too... i dont know why though.

Mike and Jess said...

well i wish you two would boycot the boycots because i think it is a fun activity, especially if you write random stuff that no one knows...much beter than those pre-made questionaires...

i love you two, and i would read it!

Amanda said...

hey... either freakin' call me ORRRR update your blog because i bookmarked it and have been checking it like i have no life.

ps - i am thinking of starting one. would you read it? megan... would you?

Yam said...

I am still trying to get over #11. That one stung a bit. :-)

Mike and Jess said...

Yam, you were the reason i said "with the exception of a few" --you are silly to even think otherwise!

Mike and Jess said...

and amanda, i would totally read your blog

Yam said...

Yay! That made my day! Welcome Home Mike!!

Mike and Jess said...

love you too Yam