Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 3 Valentines

Valentine's Day Weekend was spent with my 3 favorite girls and we had a great time.

Saturday we went whale watching on a boat off of Waikiki. It was a beautiful morning, and although no whales actually breached, they did surface, spout out water, and flip their humongous tails. This was a trip a year in the making since we had tried to go last year but didn't make it. This year we were determined to do it since everyone is leaving this summer.
On the boat with the girls

That night we went to dinner at church. The youth put together a wonderful meal for the church. They cooked, waited tables, decorated, played music and put together slideshows for us. They even gave each of us single ladies a rose. It was very sweet and fun--i hope they do it again next year so Mike can come too!

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