Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and the winner is....

In 2nd place are Megan and Thomas Tetter with 9 correct... and yes, you two have a prize coming in the mail!
and the first place winners are Kim and Jordan Howell with 15 correct! We awarded them their grand prize tonight at our St. Patty's Day party. Here are some fun pics of them so excited on their victory!

I would also like to give an honorable mention to Jennifer Allen, who guessed well, with 12 answers correct--but she was late turning them in, so better luck next time friend!

if you are curious the answers are:

Mikes Movies

1. Napoleon Dynamite

2. We Were Soldiers

3. Black Hawk Down

4. Forrest Gump

5. 300

6. Office Space

7. Ace Ventura

8. Caddyshack

9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

10. Top Gun

Jessi's Movies

1. Forces of Nature

2. Hope Floats

3. Garden State

4. Australia

5. Elizabethtown

6. Dirty Dancing

7 .The Notebook

8. Moulin Rouge

9. Juno

10. Footloose

So congratulations to the Howells and Tetters and thanks for participating in our game.
To everyone else, we are going to try and post a game every quarter. So check back in the summer to play for a chance to win an authentic Hawaiian surprise!

1 comment:

tetterm said...

yessssss.... i'm pumped but ashamed I didn't know more of your movies.

thomas wanted to know if you could send us some beach... whatever that is...