Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hawaiian Word of the Week


pronounced: "pow"

definition: actual Hawaiian word meaning finished or done.

Typical uses are:

I thought you pau already. --Translation: I thought you had already finished.

All pau. --Translation: I am done now.

Also, the word "pau" is used in the phrase "pau hana" meaning the end of work. This is also an actual Hawaiian phrase (no slang). Pau hana is typically used when referring to going out for drinks after the work week. Just as Raleigh has "First Fridays", Hawaii's bars and restaurants have "Pau Hana Fridays".

This word is used constantly here--it actually completely replaces the word done. Hardly anyone on island says the words "done" or "finished" and most little kids don't understand you if you don't use the word pau. There is actually a student in our preschool class who is technically considered "non-verbal", but the one thing he can say, and very clearly may I add is "all pau". I mean he doesn't say yes or no, hello or bye, mom or name it, he doesn't say it...except for "all pau". It's the strangest thing!

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