Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bump Ahead

here's the rest of the pictures, and maybe they'll answer a few questions for you.  they were taken last week by my friend Rina on the North Shore.    

Nora wasn't really in a picture taking mood.  of course.  we can never get them both to be in a good mood on picture day.  still, holden did a nice job--totally rocking his purple shirt and new haircut!

she says "baby brodder"....we think its a boy, haha.  not that we know anything
she especially likes to carry the ultrasound pic around.  we gave her one that she takes pretty good care of actually. 
my fav :)

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The Castor Family said...

Thoses are wonderful! I am so happy for you! And a suprise baby, yay!! Can't wait to see him or her