Friday, February 24, 2012

a glimpse into the life of a military wife

So most of the time when reading a blog post, if the writer asks me to "click here" and "read this article", i don't do it.  no reason really.  i just move on to something else.  So if you'r like me, maybe  you'll just pass on this--that's cool.  UNLESS you are a military wife, or have ever been a part of a military family--in that case you really should read this.  AND if you name is Hillary, Carrie or Kim--READ IT--it reminds me of too many conversations we have had over the years and i just had to laugh.

Article is HERE:  It's entitled Dating tips for Military Spouses. and it's not what you're thinking.

the article begins with "Dating for love is hard.  Dating for a best friend is harder....It's a tall order to find one person like that in your lifetime, much less a new one every two to three years."

I'd Say.  Like Nearly Impossible.  Our first tour after getting married and moving away from home was to HI--almost exactly 6 years ago.  And it was like Magic.  I immediately met 3 very best friends and life was good.  Too bad when the 3 of them left after our 1st 3 year tour was over here, meeting new best friends didn't come that easily again.  Talk about a let down.  now don't think i've been around the past 3 years friendless...i've actually made some great friends.  But almost ALL of these tactics listed in the article came into play when developing these relationships.  It's exhausting!

I don't know if it just becomes harder to make friends as we get older, maybe kids and family get in the way--maybe we just don't open up the way we did when we were young.  i don't know.  I just know making friends is one thing--but making a "best friend" is a whole separate issue--and let me just say that it sucks being thousands of miles from someone who you can lay your head on and get a head rub without begging, cry to even when you know you're being ridiculous, and hang out with your most crappy clothes and no make-up and are CERTAIN they aren't judging you--heck they still think you're gorgeous.

so anyway.  read the article.  basically every bit of it is true.  and kind of hilarious.

my favorite part is about not being "scary".  admittedly i have to remind myself of this EVERY TIME i meet a potential new friend.  heck, if i'm being honest i'm pretty sure i may have even scared a few people off that way.  eh.  i'm learning.  but i'm also pretty certain, if some person was destined to be my best friend, they wouldn't scare away when i asked them to hang out with me 30 minutes after i met them, they would squeal and immediately agree and we would have  a great time. ;)

okay.  enough silliness i guess.

just wanna shout out to my Magical Hawaii Besties--i'm so lucky to have had you for 3 years--but boy did we set the bar high!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Bahaha. SO TRUE. I will be sharing this too. Love you..even though I played hard to get.